1am tv

still way sick… but my “brain fog” that I had for the last few days is lifting, so that’s good. Being this sick, and having Elizabeth sick along with me, it brings back strangely fond childhood memories of being sick. See, in my house, being sick was actually made fun by my mom. I think it was partly because my sister got so terribly ill all the time (bronchitis, pnemonia) that she had to infuse happy stuff into it. I didn’t get the super bad illness my sister got very often, or as harsh, but I did get a bit sick most of the times she did… so I remember all the routines.

The special foods (chicken soup, gingerale, saltines…), the movies we watched (sleeping beauty, white christmas, beach party, other disney classics, and some oldies too), and I very distinctly remember being up at 1am while my sister did her inhaler/medicine machine thing that she had to breathe in/out for 30 minutes. We’d lay on the sofa bed (living room was where we lived during illness- always) and watch a movie before returning to sleep.

At the time, I never would have thought that movies in the middle of the night (we had no cable- so it was always movies) would become a fond childhood memory. And last night, as I gave Rebecca her 1am bottle, and Elizabeth crept out of bed to tell me her nose was stuffy and she needed crackers I remembered it. We put Rebecca back to bed, and Elizabeth and I just layed on the couch and watched TV (cartoons, of course) for about 2 hours. Memories of time spent with my mom and sister came flooding back, and despite being so sick myself… I smiled.

and the point, to this totally random post is this. Times of challenge, illness, and other bad times can actually hold good memories. Memories that can and should be preserved (if you journal or scrapbook), and there might be traditions worth passing on to your own future generations.  Now I’ve finished sipping my chicken and star soup, so I’m back to bed.

Until next time, take care and have a happy day.