enchanted, I'm sure.


Enchanted came out yesterday.

Oh, I love this movie already. Especially this song- because I’d so be acting like Patrick Dempsey . (tee hee) though I do dance- round and round with the girls at home- I’m not a big sing-and-dance in public kind of person.

I must confess (though I might be disowned by a few dear friends) that I am not a “McDreamy” fan. *but* this movie has me coming around. So fairy tale sweet but I love it.


 Watching this all together (our first time seeing it!) on a girls night last night and it totally inspired me to find the precious photo of E and scrap it. I’ve posted the whole thing over at mycraftivity.com– but I’ll post here as well. 


Can’t help it. I need to share 1 more clip… so in love and can see crafting while listening to this movie is going to be lovely. I have to have G/PG stuff to have on most of the time, after all! My big girl pays close attention! (Old School, Office Space, and Dirty Dancing and such can’t be seen by wee eyes… I can’t even play Zoolander anymore unless it’s night!) In other words, I can tell that Enchanted will be a movie that I can handle. It beats the pants off “Barbie as Mariposa the butterfly fairy” that’s for sure! (that’s one she LOVES and makes me and her daddy run for the other room!)

Anyhow, here’s opening sugary goodness from enchanted…


PS- the inner kid in me has decided I’m going to take a “spring break”… I’ll be back to blogging in 1 week.