I have a love/hate relationship here.

with technology. For SO LONG I resisted my husband’s offer of setting up outlook. Then, the day came when I had to manage multiple accounts and so I said fine. Now? I love it. Can’t imagine life without it.

today, since 5am when I turned it on… it isn’t working. Some jibberish about not being able to connect to the network to send messages. But I still get messages. It suddenly reminds me of Sex and the City when Mr. Big is talking about “She can always reach me, but I can never reach her…” I can receive, but not send. ARG! I have no idea what’s up with this or when it will be fixed. I am assuming it’ll fix itself, as when I log into my ISP’s website and try to get support I get a bunch of site down/overload junk. Hmmm.

and I have a LOT to do. Plans to make, stores to confirm, contest winners to notify. (sigh) Perhaps this is the internet gods way of saying “take that break from the laptop you promised yourself!” Whatever it is, I want it to end! ASAP! But until then I’ll just close up this sucker and take my coke in a bottle (from Mexico- so it’s made with REAL sugar- not just sugary syrup!) upstairs and create. Yeah. create sounds good…


(photo taken last week when I had my weekly coke outside while working… love the laptop so much. How did I live before it?)