good (girl) things…

Have you ever been in the toy section and thought “I wish I had that as a kid! I want to play with that!”

This is something that happens to me on a fairly regular basis. I don’t think I’ll ever really ‘grow up’. I think I’ll always enjoy creative and imaginative play. I hope I always do. Well Elizabeth and I have been eyeing a certain teapot palace on-line for a long time now… but we’ve never found it in-stock anywhere. Then, just weeks before her birthday I found it at my Target. SCORE! One benefit of being an adult is that you can decide what goes in the cart (wink). So I hid it. saved it. and yesterday at her birthday party she got to open it.


She was way excited too. I see lots of fun, ponies, and tea in our future. Speaking of cute little girls…


love the crown Rebecca. LOVE it. I also like the serious expression. So un-like her (she’s always giggling) that it cracks me up. And here is a (blurry) fabulous Mariposa fairy… I mean Miss E. She loved this gift from a friend, and had a truly sparkle-filled lovely 3rd birthday.


Now I have to go back to reality and clean, organize, work (some fun stuff there!), oh, and deal with some less than pleasant life stuff. But for one day- it was really nice to set aside everything and just celebrate my big girl. The photos will be treasured forever!