May in NYC: Day 1


Last week I had a work trip to New Jersey (more on that another day…) and I did that thing I do when heading somewhere: is there anything interesting nearby/can I pull off an extra day to make it happen? As it so happened, the timing worked out and within an hour of landing in Newark, NJ a day ahead I was pulling into Penn Station in the middle of Manhattan. I highly recommend taking the train from Newark into NYC – it’s $12.50 and it is pretty much a non-stop ride in.

Alone? All alone in the big city? You bet. Fun fact – I played a game with myself and any time I thought of it I would look up and around and try to find a cop. EVERY time, under a minute, I could find a uniformed officer. In other words – hanging out in midtown Manhattan might be one of the safest areas I’ve ever traveled to alone! Today I will share with you my thoughts on traveling solo (and why it is AWESOME), as well as my favorites/highlights from the trip. I never really felt lonely or the need to speak to people. Quite honestly being able to NOT talk to anyone while being in this huge bustling city was quite fun.

Craft Supplies: The Ink Pad NYC


Exploring by myself means I get to pick and do anything I want, and always on my own schedule. I don’t have to consider anyone else. If I want to take a taxi to get ice cream then walk to a fantastic craft supply store and take 2 hours lingering? I can. Speaking of cabs – I used Uber twice and was very impressed with the drivers and ease of service. It really was more that it helped set my mind at ease that I would not get stuck somewhere or have to walk miles. I also was able to hail a cab which delighted me to NO end. I really do love this city…

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