THE damask tattoo.

A few years back I had this weird dream – there was a damask tattoo running down my right shoulder and it was AWESOME. I woke up wanting to run out and get a tattoo – something I’d not previously considered. I thought about it for a long time (I was in my 20’s when I thought of it, 32 now that I actually got it)…

I took my favorite damask designs down to the shop and this is what the artist came up with – I LOVED it – it combined my favorite elements from the inspiration pieces I had given him, and so we set a date.

What is the meaning of it? Well… it’s damask. A pattern found in so many things, and one that has always been a signature “May” pattern too. From clothing to home decor to craft supplies – it’s my #1 favorite and I LOVE the idea of having it as a tattoo as well.

At NO point did I mistake my time there for a trip to the day spa… but I was also never even close to crying over the pain either. For me a key is not focusing on the pain, but paying attention to what’s going on in the shop, talking, etc. so you’re distracted. I was there for about 5 hours (about 4total hrs actual tattoo time). The most painful bit was the dots. I was sure he was drilling holes in me with those puppies. Some of the parts I didn’t even feel, and usually as soon as I had that thought I’d get a whammy of an “ow”. (of course).

Here’s the real truth about any tattoo if you’re thinking about it: it’s not “oh I don’t know if I could deal with pain of getting one” that you should worry about. it’s the days AFTER that hurt. You think getting one hurts? Think about if you’ve ever scraped yourself up real bad or gotten a super nasty sunburn. It’s like that for a few days, and there’s nothing you can do to “undo” at that point!

I figured it’d be no big deal – last time I got a tattoo I was working out the next morning and feeling good! Yeah. My ankle tattoo? cake walk next to this sucker!!

I’m trying REALLY hard not to whine, whimper, or fuss when I have to apply lotion to this or when Becca pokes it. I wanted this. and it’s even more kick ass than I thought it would be.

Design & Tattoo by Angel – owner of Tatt Magic in Fairfield, CA.