Art Part project #1

I’m teaching an altered book class later this month (details here) in Berkeley, and I’ve got Nancy Drew book pages strewn all over my studio! Such fun. So I’ve been feeling very “girl sleuth-y” in my crafting in general now too.

I just got my very first Art Parts (designed by fabulous Wendy Vecchi) today, and I’m excited to play! The material is hard (kind of wood-like vs chipboard-like) and I’m excited that I can abuse & mess with it to my hearts content without worrying about warping or bending.

SO! Since it’s May, I figured I’d tape my adventure & share with you. I hope you enjoy!!


note: yes, I realize now that having iPhone lower/zoomed in would have = better video… but as this was a spur of the moment “peek” into my creative process + little project I am sharing, and will remember next time that small project = don’t need the high shelf to hold phone for taping!!