Tim Holtz for Tonic New Stamp Platform Tool

note: Affiliate links are used in this post, and this tool was sent to me by TonicĀ & Scrapbook.com to review. All ideas, opinions, and thoughts are totally my own!

When I was contacted asking me if I’d like to test out the new Tim Holtz Stamp Platform (link), I immediately accepted for a few reasons. First of all, Tim’s scissors with Tonic are by far and away my favorite ever since he convinced me to give them a try years ago. Secondly, Tonic is a very high quality tool manufacturer and I anticipated they would get the job done right. Third, as I have yet to be convinced of the “must have” nature of any stamping platform (and I’ve seen and owned a number of them over the last 10+ years!) I wanted to really test this with a critical eye.

The great:

  • The platform comes apart to allow for 2 different thicknesses of stamp (clear and rubber unmounted), also for easier cleaning
  • The platform grid is textured/part of the plastic which means no amount of heavy scrubbing will change that. Important for us messy folk!
  • The base is designed beautifully including two open sides (so any size paper can be used) as well as having a rubber-ish base that prevents it from moving even on slick surfaces

The overall design means that when I’m doing heavy water stamping, I can stamp upside down. Or at least set it up that way at first so easily. A HUGE plus. If I found any fault with it I wish the magnets were rectangular and about 3x larger (or at least that one of them was!) for better holding down of paper while I get crazy.

Here is my video review and a look at one type of stamping (link to YouTube).

Overall, I’m just incredibly impressed with this tool.

This tool is not needed if you like to take one stamp, stamp with a single color ink, and move on. For that type of stamping a stamp block makes far more sense, and I will still use my various stamp blocks for sure. This tool becomes an awesome tool for those who want to:

  • Color parts of a stamp separately
  • Repeat stamp (as shown in video) same image
  • Work with multiple mediums on same project with precision
  • Want a more controlled way of getting wild and messy with stamping

With all the experiments over 3 days that I did, not one drop of water or liquid medium hit my desk surface. Not only that, but this tool was so easy to clean off! I am sure there are even more uses for this stamp platform, and as I work with it more and discover good uses I will be sure to share those with you here.

Scrapbook.com has this tool in stock now- here’s a link. Other links you may want – here is a link to the dog stamps I used, as well as some similar to the wildflower stamps used.

I am delighted to find this a “must” tool for me – and that I was so very impressed with its construction. What is your favorite tool these days, and what are you crafting? I’d love to hear from you!