DIY Pillowcase with button accents

The very first sewing project I ever made as an adult was a pillowcase. I have a really hard time with patterns and complex sewing, and so this has been a “go-to can do” project for me over the last twenty years or so. I’ve got a lot of fabric that I want to see in use, and a lot of ideas for stepping up my pillow game, so once in a while here I will be sharing a how-to tutorial!

The great thing about a pillow case is that you can make it by simply folding fabric over (offset/overlapping) and creating a pocket for the pillow to slide on in. It only requires 4 stitch lines – two across the “ends”, that will be exposed, and then once folded along the top and bottom (or sides – depending on which edge is raw/open) before flipping right side out and utilizing!  Continue reading “DIY Pillowcase with button accents”