ScanNCutDX: Cutting out a stamp mask

One of the first things I learned to do with my ScanNCut – and still one of my favorites – is cutting around stamped images.

You simply can not beat cutting out stamped images with the ScanNCut because it gives you total control! You can have a negative, none, or a positive outline around the line in any size you want. What could make it better? It is super easy and you can do it with multiple stamps at the same time as well.

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Favorite 5: Five holiday ScanNCut projects

Hello there! With a holiday weekend and a lot of crafting time ahead, I’m thinking about projects past!

You see, I love looking back and reminiscing over things and gathering inspiration from things I’ve already made. Especially this time of year when things start getting hectic and I need to really focus on making merry! So today I want to share five favorite ScanNCut projects (holiday theme!) that have full tutorials here on my blog.

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Custom Vinyl on Ornament with ScanNCutDX

When it comes to the holidays- I’m one who likes to get a jump start on it and make things early so that as Christmas approaches I can relax and enjoy the season more. Today I’ve got a quick and fun tutorial to share with you featuring the ScanNCutDX and one of my favorite new built in designs.

I absolutely love craft vinyl on clear inexpensive ornaments that you can pick up at most any craft store!

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Crafty Fall Foxes with ScanNCut DX

This fall I’m working on some new crafty skills – specifically embroidery and cross stitch! I’ll talk more about those in future posts. Today I want to share how I took my first real cross stitch project (yay!) and saved a lot of hours not to mention added dimension to it by using my ScanNCut DX!

note – I am a ScanNCut Brand Ambassador/paid consultant for Brother, but all ideas & opinions expressed are always my own. I love what this machine can do! 

Above you see my finished project that now hangs on my wall – can’t tell you how much I love this little hoop! When I got to adding leaves I realized I would actually prefer dimensional leaves, and so out came my ScanNCut!

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