Clean Color markers

I’ve got a quick video post to share with you today – all about Clean Color markers. I’ve got some affiliate links below to them if you are needing some. I’ve got to tell you I am saving up to purchase some more. I’ve liked them since Amazon first said “oh hey you might want…” and the price was right. A while later they became all the rage! While the hype seems to have died down I’ve got to tell you I still love mine.

They’re EASY. I can throw color down, play, blend, keep on going. No cup of water or any kind of mess needed.

They’re LASTING. I’ve yet to have one run dry and I use some of these colorsĀ  a TON.

They’re wildly BRIGHT and fun. I love some bright bold color – these deliver.

You saw them earlier this week in two different posts – for one big reason I’ve yet to mention:

They TRAVEL so well. Right now I’m working in a very limited space and having the little box with them all right there easy to go and a wealth of color possibility has been a life saver. I don’t have to drag out boxes or bins of color – just a pen and usually I hold the ones I’m using in one hand while coloring with the other.

Here’s a little video specifically about Clean Color pens.

Looking for some of your own? Ellen Hutson carries them (link) as sets OR individually. You can also find sets on Amazon. As a reminder these are the “real brush” watercolor pens – my favorite pens for quite some time now. What pens are your favorites?