YouTube Capture: Pan Pastels

What do you do when you find yourself with a new product and don’t know what to do? The first thing I do is to search “what is ___?” or “How do I use ___?” and see what comes back. For Pan Pastels I immediately thought of perfect pearls powder and the techniques I use for that product worked well on this as well. So basically I figure out the very basic “what is this/how do I make it work?” and then I just go play.

What are Pan Pastels? Why am I talking about them today? They were in the Gossamer Blue June kit and I have been experimenting with them. I think video is better for explaining, and I was trying to figure out the “hangout” thing you can do on YouTube as well… and while I did NOT figure that out, I did see “YouTube Capture” which will essentially record + upload to YouTube right from my work desk – no edits, no fuss. So I decided to try it out and explain what I’ve got so far on Pan Pastels (in case you’re curious!) + VersaMark ink pads.

[link to youtube]

If you have a specific product or topic you’d like to see – let me know! These short (hoping for 3min or so usually) videos are going to be common this summer. Though I will record a bit differently because the settings I had made the darn thing auto-focus WAY too much! annoying!!

Happy Crafting!