May in NYC: Day 2

After spending a solid twelve hours inside my hotel room re-charging, I was ready to get back out into the great city! Here’s a link to part 1 if you missed my first day of adventuring.


This city was made for the solo visitor. Don’t get me wrong a group is great – but every place I went I did not feel odd or at all out of place. I was a bit… bright and sparkly and more on the Buddy the Elf meets Gisele from Enchanted side though. I seriously just LOVE exploring a place, and a place with so much history, art, texture, color, and detail? My brain was exploding with inspiration and ideas!

My #1 favorite thing (and it is absolutely free!) is to get up and go walking around Central Park early in the morning. Before the stroller brigade. Before the tourists and horses. Before the hoards. Most importantly: before the heat of the day strikes you down! Afterwards I wanted to seek out a coffee shop or café but instead went for my go-to, my #1 favorite thing to start a day with.

Levain Bakery Valrhona Chocolate Roll

nyc_levain copy

Something tells me you can’t go wrong in the tiny bakery, but I’m not budging from my pick. This crusty roll has rich melted chocolate goodness inside. You can try to put some chocolate and bread under a broiler at home to get the general idea… but nothing matches this. It is the stuff of dreams and I knew getting one on this trip was non-negotiable!

Thinking logistics especially when traveling solo is super important. In my case I had to carry around my nice shoes (for lunch) and some “touch myself up” supplies as I wandered around the city this quickly heating up day. I also had to get my suitcases all packed up in the way I wanted them for my business meetings the next day as I wouldn’t be getting to my hotel in New Jersey until after 10pm. A little planning can go a LONG way, is what I’m trying to say!

Vintage trims and creative inspiration: Tinsel Trading Company


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