Distress 101 [and an exclusive discount code!]

It has been an exciting time around here! I just found out (shhhh!) that Big Picture wants Camp Scrap to come back as an (all new) class this summer – you heard it here first! In the meantime I’m keeping busy with lots of fun projects including getting ready for opening day of Field Guide – the FINAL run of my 12 week technique, video, project, and craft-stravaganza class at Big Picture. If you’re interested or want more information you can find it here.

Now, I’ve been here in the studio filming videos and making bonus lessons to add into Field Guide, and as long as I had the camera out and was in the zone I thought… why not make a distress video to share here on my blog? I get asked all the time about how I use distress products (ink, stain, markers, and now paint), and what the differences are. So – I present to you a 20 minute “distress 101 primer” class:

[link to you tube]

Here are links to the complete collections, some surfaces I used in the video and/or recommend, and also my top five most used distress colors in ink pad, pen, and stain: 

Funny enough – you see a lot of orange and yellow here and those are so NOT favorite colors of mine, it just so happens that they get used a ton. It is important to think about what colors you’ll use (vs which you find prettiest) when buying inks and color mediums for sure! As much as I adore my purple distress colors, they don’t see a ton of action. So because some of my favorite (but less used) distress colors are not represented, here are my personal 9 favorite colors not already mentioned above.

(I’m just showing these in ink pad form – but all are available in some other form as well)

Well there you have it – I hope you’ve enjoyed this mini course on how (and why) I love distress products! I feature projects with them here on a regular basis of course, and I share a lot more videos, tips, and ideas in my class that starts in a few days Field Guide as well! If you’re interested in joining that class be sure to do so soon – registration ends in just a few days.

If you have any distress (or Field Guide) questions – feel free to ask away!

My friends at Simon Says Stamp are offering a special discount code just for my blog readers! Use the code RANG20 now through February 4th to receive 20% off of all Ranger products So if you’re looking to add some distress colors to your collection – or any other Ranger goodies now would be a great time!!

Distress Stain article is up!

Last week I posted a video showing me + distress stains + stamps. Well this week, my distress stain article is up at Scrapbook Update! Here is the link:


I am the teeniest bit OBSESSED with these. (heh) I so LOVE them. More videos to come for sure. For now, I know a lot of you had asked me to post more about them and I hope you like the article! If you’ve got questions feel free to ask here or via email (or at the article itself). You’ll find an all new layout over there showing some of my favorite colors (Mustard Seed – who knew?!) in action too.

Happy Monday!

Distress + stamped tag

Where do I even begin with brushed corduroy distress stain?! It’s *THE* color I most wanted, and also the first color I got now that Tim Holtz distress stains are available in EVERY color.

Ah, but you know how it goes. Get something new that you’re dying to play with and suddenly it doesn’t work on anything you’ve got planned. But that’s ok. Know what you can do? A tag, card, or other small quick project. That’s just what I did this morning.

I pulled out my new + fabulous Hero Arts stamps (jewel daisy, old letter writing, and bird collage) and got busy. Layering colors, adding in some glossy accents, even a bit of my new favorite perfect pearls mist (sunflower sparkle)… what a fun way to start a day. Would you like to see how I did it? Here’s a video start > finish. Note – if you click on it you can watch in better resolution/HD + full screen too:


If you have questions feel free to ask here – I’m happy to answer questions. If you’re wanting more info on the distress stains then just stay tuned. This project was a warm up, I’m working on a full review for Scrapbook Update this week!

Happy creating…