March guest:

Cocoa Daisy has been on my radar a very long time, and Tricia does all kinds of super cool things with her kits. So imagine my delight when she e-mailed me and asked if I’d like to be her March guest!

Above you can see my starbucks cup holder turned gift card/note holder. You can see all my projects here at Cocoa Daisy.

I did quite a bit of hybrid with my photos in my layouts. This one is de-saturated 90% + printed with a white rounded corner frame. I also “poofed” the trim at the bottom just cuz I wanted to and I love what that did. I’ll be doing that more for sure. If you’re in my hybrid class we do photos in week #2 and frames/masks week #3 – so hang on!!

This little rosette is a work in progress. I’m working on a tutorial for them (FAST!) so stay tuned here for that. I just loved doing a little canvas that I can hang up. Not the most awesome pic – but that is OK! It totally captured the moment.

Now, when I thought this card up I was really excited. I saw the “sewing machine” and I have a “clover” punch. Sew + Lucky. Get it? I’m a nerd, I know but I never ever make cards or have ideas so I was super pumped. kits should be going on sale March 1 I believe – in the meantime enjoy my projects!! Thanks to Cocoa Daisy + Tricia for having me!