Review: Food Stirs kits

One of my current goals is to get the girls engaging more in crafty and “non technology/screens” type things. So when I came across FoodStirs, a company that has some seriously fun and organic baking kits I decided to try them out!

This company has no idea who I am/not associated with them in any way. I will include some affiliate links later as some of their mixes are widely available. At the time I am writing this post, the girls have tested several months (I got them a 3 month gift subscription) and we’ve tested a few of their baking mixes as well. Above you can see the movie night cupcakes (SO GOOD!) that Elizabeth made for us just this week.

The idea of organic + super cute and fun baked goods to get the girls creating and learning? Heck yes! I will tell you the short review right now: this would make a wonderful gift for someone!

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