Project Hawaii: Ocean Center page


This one took about two hours, of course factor into that time that I was watching TV so I was not fully focused on my scrapbooking at all times. The results? Oh, I LOVE this one!! I had that “memories” silhouette cut from a friend (she was nice enough to make me some!) sitting here and it just fit in perfectly.

The really great news is: another one done! Stories told, photos preserved, and of course a few more of my project life olive edition cards used up as well. I am still LOVING those!


On this page I went wild coloring in Lawn Fawn sea critter stamps – so fun to add them in as a finishing touch! I also used some Elle’s Studio new goodies, Freckled Fawn stars, and a few Amy Tangerine stickers among other tidbits on this page.

This is my first Project Hawaii layout that you’re seeing here on my blog, but it is in fact my third completed. It’s going REALLY well just adhering to cardstock background like a layout too. I’m sticking with the “just under 4” for one side of every photo. meaning – one side of EVERY photo on this page is 3 3/4. This means I always have an easy time lining photos up and rearranging elements. Sometimes I ended up cropping off more of the width or height as needed of course- it just depends!


I relied heavily on my notebook for this one – I was glad to have it as well because I had forgotten that we were the ONLY people there for about the first hour, and that all said and done we only stayed about 2hrs because it was so tiny, we’d seen it all twice, and we were just done! It’s a good reminder that taking notes in the moment, even just jotting down tidbits and story ideas someplace is so fantastic s a scrapbooker’s resource. I know I’m grateful for mine and I will definitely be working on writing more in the future as well.

Another week, another edition of Project Hawaii and I can’t wait to start the next one – I might make another today in fact! They’re such fun and taking up the entire space of the page is such a different way to scrapbook for me – I’m enjoying that tremendously.


Speaking of wanting to start – Field Guide starts tomorrow!! I had someone ask me about offering it as a self-paced class later. Well, it *IS* self paced! You can go at any speed you like, in any order you like, and you have the materials FOREVER ACCESS meaning after the 12 weeks done new content ends, but the materials remain for you to use as a resource and keep working! This is the final offering of Field Guide so if you’re on the fence feel free to shoot me any questions you’ve got. I’m so excited to dive into this class!

Project Hawaii: an introduction


First of all, the photo you see above is a Field Guide sneak peek! Yes, the project I’m about to talk to you about will make an appearance (in week 7) of Field Guide. That class starts next week – so please be sure to check it out and get signed up asap if you’d like to join in!

If you’re a project life fan, perhaps you recognize some of the Olive Project Life kit shown in the picture above. Yes, I’m getting it used already, and if you could guess  from the title of this post what I’m using it on for the moment is a project I’m calling Project Hawaii. Bottom line is this: I’ve got a lot of photos and tiny stories/quotes/notes about our trip last winter to Maui that I want to scrapbook quickly and in a minimal number of pages. I want to have creative fun, but I also want to GET IT DONE.

Here’s my introduction (rambling at times perhaps) video explaining more:

[link to youtube]

In the video I mentioned Melissa Stinson’s amazing video – actually it is a two video installment and is up as a part of the Two Peas (FREE!) PL class. You can check that out here. Her process and those videos helped me really combine the various ideas floating around in my head, and really make me decide that NOW. Right now. I’m going to put these papers + photos together! Super inspiring.

Ok, so now the challenge begins! As I said before I’ve worked a “project hawaii” video + handout into Field Guide as a bonus (and it was such fun!) but I will also be sharing layouts as I complete them here on my blog each week on Wednesday or Thursday until I’m done. How’s that for a big project? Oh I’m excited! If you have any questions please feel free to ask away! Happy to answer or clarify my process. I’ll be sharing my first page next Wednesday, but I’ll leave you with one more teeny sneak peek from my Field Guide Project Hawaii layout…


Happy Crafting!