2021 Plans!

Hello friends! I wanted to pop a post up here with all the latest info, and where you can find me creating.

Weekly craft tutorials: YouTube

Free live workshops and crafting sessions, links to new videos, etc: Facebook and for community chat, free crops there is the Facebook group

Behind the scenes peeks (stories), new projects, etc: Instagram

Finally, to take my online classes (I mail you a kit!), check out the value goodie bags, find curated kits, and otherwise shop you can find me on ETSY.

I am blessed to be working with some fantastic companies in 2021, and whenever I share a project or tutorial for one of them I always add it to both my Instagram and Facebook – so if you follow one of those you’ll never miss a thing! I do put out a newsletter, but I try to keep it very rare (quarterly-ish) and only when new dates for events such as free online crops come out. Wishing you all the best heading into the new year and beyond.