Back in the saddle!

Once upon a time, a young and foolish me thought “oh just charge forward! Never stop! Just keep at it!” Now there is something said for being tenacious and honing your craft – but sometimes a pause is a better choice!

If you’ve been following along my blog journey, you know this space used to be used multiple times a week. Based on feedback, my own priorities, and watching what is working I’ve determined that instead of blogging all projects I will save this space for when I have something to type, something that makes the most sense in this format.

Today I just wanted to hop on and encourage this one simple message: Go ahead and just stop!

Sometimes we get to doing things one way for so long we just think “this is how it is” – and a pause can give us a moment to take a look and ask if that’s what works, or if that’s how you want it. From changing scrapbook methods to altering your diet or shifting your daily work routines – it can be really helpful to stop and check yourself. Take a break from the routine.

Lately I’ve been privileged to have a friend allowing me to hop on her horses and I have to tell you – I’ve got muscles screaming and sore that I haven’t used in 20+ years.

And that feels so very good. Being outside more, being active, not chaining myself to the computer daily because I should.

Things are definitely shifting around here- and I’m really excited. If you ever have any craft questions you know where to find me and that I always welcome your emails. Want to see the daily details and crafts? Social media! You can find links at the top of my blog.

Have a wonderful week!