Gencon2019 with Brother Crafts

As I always disclose I am a paid consultant and work with Brother, but all ideas and opinions are my own. Well today that is extra fun because I am back from GenCon and have some photos and notes to share with you!

Each day I wore a different semi-homemade outfit that both my sewing machine and ScanNCut helped me create! During the day, I demonstrated how much fun both the ScanNCut and the sewing machines by Brother can be for all kinds of crafting!

So many of the features and functions make it so easy to create, and are so user friendly. I love that about Brother machines and am so happy to share my passion for creating any chance I get!

Here is a mask I worked on during GenCon – the thermoplastic is cut from ScanNcut and soon it will be finished (and a video shared!). The abilities of the ScanNCutDX to cut through thick materials and do so with an auto blade really are priceless!

This outfit was my most intricate – and favorite! I’ve really become obsessed with character inspired aprons and accessories. I plan on sharing some how-tos as Halloween approaches and simple costume tricks become a must!

This is such a great example of how a ScanNCut + Sewing and Embroidery Machine can come together for awesome results! Each of my outfits combines these machines and functions and the results are fun – and easier to make than you might think!

Working an event like this is a lot of hard work – but also so special and fun! I was able to speak to so many crafters of so many genres and share with them not just what I do, but how these great machines can help them with their projects. We got everything from making gaming tokens to cutting out cards for games, cosplay to custom embroidery for clothing. And that’s just the beginning!

Visiting with Joe Rotella in the craft classroom! Brother had machines up in open craft for use as well which is so cool!

We got to showcase two new (coming soon!) special sewing & embroidery machines (the picture above gives you a pretty good hint at the one! Look closely at my photos in this post and you might get MARVELous clues as to the other theme!) – and I will be sharing some looks at that very soon.

For now I’m back to some repair and handmade crafting here at home while prepping for the first day of school this week. Wild times! I can’t thank Brother enough for sending me on such a great trip and letting me share my passion for crafting with so many folks! I got a lot of ideas for new YouTube videos and posts while at GenCon so do stay tuned!

While this burger looks insane… trust me it was so good I can’t stop thinking about it! One of the best things about GenCon? All the crazy ideas that work and are celebrated!

4 thoughts on “Gencon2019 with Brother Crafts”

  1. Which sewing machine model do you have? I was looking at Brother machines today. I do not want a mass market model. Thanks.

  2. Oh wow May, that mask looks so cool! Can’t wait to see it done!! And that Halloween apron is so cute and fun! My first look at that pic of you in the fun orange dress made me do a double take – I thought it was your daughter Rebecca!!!
    Is that burger sweet or savoury?

  3. If you’re looking for a dealer machine, then you’ll need to get in contact with a Brother dealer. Mine is an SE1900, and what I have found is that it really depends on exactly what features you want as well as budget you’ve got to work with. There are a LOT of models and features, and a super wide range of models as well! A good dealer will be able to help you sort out what is the best fit for you – I’ve had great experiences with this both used and new models!

  4. Thanks so much! I visited with a dealer here in San Antonio. So friendly and helpful. 😀

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