The Busy July Part 1

We’ll dig into things like the Met (MY #1 FAVE MUSEUM SO FAR IN MY LIFE!) and why Becca and I ran to NYC for 2 days (Be More Chill Musical is short version) – and where the heck I’m off to in 1 hour and why I can’t be at home this month another time. Ha!

For the moment I’m unplugged a LOT. In fact I’m only on the computer this morning to clear my phone of pics/order some up as the most hectic month of my life rolls on. No, really. I’ve never ever been gone this much or done this much in such a few short weeks.

The day before (yes you read that right) I left for NYC Elizabeth took place in her first horse show. It was 4 days of sun, sweat, and a lot of fun with our amazing barn family. I could gush on those folks forever – so much kindness and support! Really great life lessons too…

It took me a decade to earn my first buckle – she won with “Goober” on her first show. Way to go, kiddo! And more proof of awesome barn family? Goober here came out of retirement and was loaned to Elizabeth so she could have this special experience. She’ll show him again next week. (yes, the summer is crazy have i mentioned that?!)

Scrappy says… time for a nap! I hope you’re having a great summer. I’ll be checking back in as soon as I’m back from camping, but before I leave for a week in Indianapolis (GenCon).

What are you up to? Is your summer slow paced and relaxed? Busy? Craft time galore? What are you working on? Do share!

2 thoughts on “The Busy July Part 1”

  1. This year our summer is on the busy side. My daughter went to a two week music camp and the preparation & check-in one weekend, mid-camp visit for stuff she wanted and just to see her, and then final concert & sign-out weekend made it a busy stretch of time. One of my sisters is getting married this coming weekend (and we’re participating by playing/singing as part of the ceremony). Second week in August we’re heading to Disney world, which I’m super excited about, but as you know, Disney is not — for most folks — a lay by the pool vacation, so my head is spinning a little. I’m making lists like a fiend so there won’t be a rush of tasks right before we leave.

  2. A friend of mine was telling me about the Met recently … I really want to go! Congrats to Elizabeth!

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