2019: Let’s get crafty!

Last night we were discussing the year, and how much happened for us (good and bad!) in 2018. There were travel adventures, goals not achieved, surprises, and so much more. I began working on more costume type crafts as well as rekindled my love of jewelry, and I am reworking the structure on a lot of business stuff!

Ok so I didn’t finish my 2017 album as planned, and I don’t even have a 2018 scrapbook set up. Oh and yes let’s not deny a LOT is wonky/awful/crazy/insane out there in the world in general… but I’m going to keep on focusing on what is going right, and what I do like! I’m going to keep at my goals health to creative to family quality time and enjoy.

In 2019 I hope to bring you more in depth tutorials, more variety in crafting, and more looks behind the scenes as I navigate the world of having kids in Jr High and High School (a major event I’m braced for, 2019!)

I don’t do New Year resolutions, but I am always trying to be my best self. Right now that means I need to get better at time management, take some bigger creative risks, and do without a lot of sugar and with a lot more exercise. Perfect is not my goal ever – just making the most of whatever moment I am in, focusing on the positive people in my life, and embracing what is unique at this time. I wish you all the best, and thank you for following along with my many adventures!

2 thoughts on “2019: Let’s get crafty!”

  1. Happy New Year May! Great advice….be the best you you can be. Thanks for all your crafty goodness!

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