Around here: November 2018

We are in full glitter & sparkle holiday mode over here – I even found scissors! Had to replace a pair you see I accidentally cut into thick wire (didn’t realize!) and ruined an old pair. Dang! So when I found these sparkly ones at JoAnn fabric I couldn’t pick and brought them both home.

What else is going on? A whole lot!

I successfully completed my first Halloween costume in a long time – and I think it turned out great! It is “candy corn Minnie Mouse” inspired by a costume of Miss Minnie’s rarely seen! Let’s just say we were all impressed with it!

In happy news – Caramel Brulee Latte is the one Starbucks drink I crave – and it’s back! I love this time of year and as a special treat to myself I’m allowed one day a week to stop and get one. Only if my chores are done!

Speaking of chores, I’ve got so many things I want to do these days. I really slacked off exercise and diet in October, and I’m working hard to get those back under control! Not just those big things, but also just making sure I am making the most of the gift of small bits of time as well as big.

Rebecca has been a champion of silliness and checking in “Ok mom, WHAT did you accomplish today?”

We all try to challenge each other to be our best selves, and to do our best each and every day, whatever that might be! I have big movie plans (yay!) coming up with the girls for two sequels we’ve been waiting on (Fantastic Beasts & Ralph) and I look forward to more holiday fun too. Hope you’re doing well!

One thought on “Around here: November 2018”

  1. These ‘Around here’ posts are so great!!
    I’ve been thinking about you when I see the news of the fires in CA – I hope you’re not affected at all. And i hope your hubby is OK seeing that he’s a firefighter.
    Love the sparkly scissors!!

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