Around here: October 2018

The days are shortening and the kids are in the full swing of a normal school schedule now- meanwhile I am battling myself to keep up good healthy habits and make the most of my time. Some around here would prefer we just nap…

Ah but there’s no time for that! We’ve got star students (yay!), craft project ideas that want to be made, and health goals to achieve! I’ve signed up for a 5k race and need to at least be able to run a good chunk of it. I can do it (?!) – right?? 

Creatively I am super into paint pouring (some tutorials posted, more to come!), felt, costume elements, and catching up on some scrapbooking as well. I’m hoping to finish some large canvas pieces for our living room and really get a lot more ideas out of my head and into reality!

I’m super into right now: Schitt’s Creek (so funny I can’t even explain), Reading books by women about their creative/professional journeys, Inktober doodles with my daughters, and taking 15 minutes to clean up my mess at the end of each day.

In addition to trying and use my time more wisely, with fewer distractions I’m trying to have one “fun” thing a week! One day we did a whole board game day, another we took our favorite cousin to Apple Hill (tons of apple/other farms) for a fun morning of pumpkins, apples, and more!

The creativity isn’t just limited to me – the kids have been making art both for school and for fun. Below is a stamp Elizabeth made in art class!

A family favorite project of mine? I made a sleeping bag for Bandit out of leftover fleece from another project (super soft pillowcase!)

It was SO funny – he jumped right in and says it makes the perfect place to keep warm!

For now I’m back to my regularly scheduled work, looking forward to Football Sunday (for the food!), and plotting some new fun activities to do! What are you up to and crafting? I’ve got some Halloween costumes to build… stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Around here: October 2018”

  1. I always love these kinds of posts May! Elizabeth’s stamp is very clever! And I always Love seeing pics of your doggies!

  2. That is awesome! Good luck with the 5k. Congrats on student of the week, and that’s a great stamp, too. Michelle t

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