Fall Table Runner: iron-on vinyl accents with ScanNCut DX

In my last post I shared a table runner how-to, and today I’m back to share how I’m using the new ScanNCut DX to add iron-on glitter vinyl to this table runner. If you don’t feel like making your own guess what? You could totally start from here and create your own iron-on designs to stick onto a premade table runner, table cloth, or place mat!

The how-to is so easy – and I have to tell you this was that took me from really liking the new ScanNCut DX to making my jaw drop! These designs just FYI are built into the machine I have – score for quick! But the real wow happens because the machine’s blade auto senses and with the push of one button cuts the vinyl, but not the carrier sheet. I couldn’t believe how beautifully my vinyl cut and how well this project worked!

Here is a link to my YouTube video tutorial.

I placed my patterns on the white area for the most “pow” and despite all the color and pattern already going on I have to tell you, I really like what the glittery designs add! These hearts are so spectacular you can be sure you’ll see more of them from me in the future.

Speaking of love – I can’t say enough good things about the new ScanNCut DX. If you’re on the fence – keep watching. Because I have a wealth of videos and tutorials coming to celebrate fall, this crafty new machine, and creativity in general! I’ve been so inspired and creating up a storm around here.

To recap the steps to iron-on glitter vinyl like this: 

  1. Select and cut out your pattern, careful to not cut the carrier sheet.
  2. Pick or ‘weed’ out the elements you do not wish to use.
  3. Iron on the design to your project as desired. It is recommended to place a piece of fabric between your carrier sheet and the iron.
  4. Remove the carrier sheet, double checking that your design is transferred fully.
  5. ENJOY!

For more about this machine stay tuned, and check out all the nitty gritty on the Brother website. 

The usual disclaimer that I am a paid consultant for Brother, but all ideas and opinions expressed by me are always 100% my own!

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