Introducing the ScanNCutDX

Cheers! There’s a new ScanNCut in town, and today I want to do a post to introduce you to it, as well as give you my initial thoughts now that I’ve had a few weeks to use it, test it, and get to know it.

The ScanNCutDX was sent to me last month – I am a ScanNCut Ambassador so that is a huge plus – and I have not stopped creating with it since! While I do work with Brother of course, all ideas and opinions shared here are my own. Meaning – I am telling you exactly what I think in this and in all of my posts.

The big features I will mention to begin with are: 

  1. The blade adjusts itself
  2. There is storage in the flip-down cover
  3. It is very quiet
  4. You can cut thicker materials than ever

For more specific information you’ll want to check out the official Brother website for more on the DX. Also, here is a link to my YouTube video on the new DX. ¬†This video was designed just to give you the basics of this machine and show you how it’ll work. In future you’re going to see ScanNCut project videos made with the DX from me here that will get into the details of working this machine.

As far as a learning curve goes, I still go to do some things “the old way” aka how they worked on the ScanNCut2. This mostly applies to editing options and the GREAT news is that it is very similar only slightly different so it is very easy for me to figure it out usually within a second or two at most. The icons are the same, so I can easily spot what I’m looking for.

What is impressing me the most and has me blown away? The blade. It automatically adjusts to my material, including 1/2 cutting for things like vinyl. In fact, just the other day cutting some thick foam it recognized that it needed a second pass, and did it! I tell you it is like magic. I’ve always loved my ScanNCut machines and this one just makes me love them more.

I hope you’ll stay tuned for all of my videos and tutorials – there are many on the way. I also hope you’ll be sure to ask your questions and make requests so I can cover any topics you’d like to see or hear more about! One thing is for sure: This fall I’m falling in love with the DX!


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  1. Wow, to have an automatically adjusting blade is fantastic! My mat still has some cuts in it from when I forgot to adjust the blade!

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