Rainbow scallop banner with ScanNCut

Hello lovelies! As I type this I’m working with Brother at GenCon (more on that soon!) in Indianapolis demonstrating the ScanNCut to some super nice makers & crafty folk. Back at home I have a brand new banner up in my studio and today I wanted to share about it!

As you see above – there’s this spot in the studio that I don’t love. When I take photos, I see this wide WHITE space… that isn’t pretty. So for quite a while I’ve had in my mind I want to do a rainbow banner – scallops if I can!

So I picked my colors of cardstock – a rainbow of fun! Then I decided on an approximate size and got out the ScanNCut!

I sized about 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches, and selected 3 of the semi-circle pattern.

Then I put them together – turning one sideways as you see. and then cut out of my first paper. NOTE! You don’t need to do anything after cutting other than unloading mat, loading new color of paper. You only have to do the steps to get that pattern up once, then just keep inserting new paper and cut, cut, cutting!

Once you get all of the pieces cut, lay them out in the order you want to see them in, as well as figuring out how much you want to overlap. Once satisfied, go ahead and use some tape or glue to lightly tack them together.

Here’s a tip – I love working on a grid surface so I can see that I am definitely lining things up straight.

Next up: I whipped out my new sewing machine and stitched across the top so that it is extra secure.

Once done with this… you’re done! You can add ribbon ties at the end if you’re hanging it, but I tacked it with glue dots to my shelf and oh how I love the results!

I also added some buttons and things with glue for extra accents – LOVE this!

Those bright colors were just so lovely and really make me happy! I am so glad that I got this done. I have a few more banner and decor projects for the studio – need to get those off the list and onto the wall.

One last note! Once done I looked around and found some leftover flower and leaves from previous projects (cut out with ScanNCut) and I added them at the corner. Love it!

I hope you’re having a bright and crafty summer so far – I’ll be back soon and sharing some recent happenings from around here.

2 thoughts on “Rainbow scallop banner with ScanNCut”

  1. Oh wow! So so pretty! Can’t wait to hear more about what you’ve been doing with Brother!

  2. That is so May – Of course it has the finishing touches of flowers and buttons!

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