(quick) party bags with ScanNCut

It was less than an hour before we had to leave… and I hadn’t wrapped up the year end gifts for the group of girls! I really didn’t want to just toss loose candy and a gift card at them. What to do? ScanNCut to the rescue!

First up, I picked 3 patterned papers that I felt went nicely together. Then I pulled out my ScanNCut and:

  1. Cut large hearts
  2. Cut medium circles (around a cat that was just too cute!)
  3. Cut small flowers out from a patterned paper

Easy as 1-2-3! The key here is to pick a color palette – I went wild rainbow brights since this is for young girls – and go small-medium-large. Here is my YouTube tutorial on putting these together.

Once this is done you can just glue it all together, add some fun tissue if you’ve got it, and go! The girls squealed and clapped when they saw these pulled out – and I was so pleased! The bags I used are simply colored lunch bags, but any size or shape of gift will work with this simple formula. To be honest I usually keep some white and kraft colored bags on hand for just such a gifting emergency – but I was out! I will stock back up, but I am actually quite pleased with how the purple bags look.

Thank you for tuning in today! I will be back soon to share my teacher gift ideas/DIYs as well as more craftiness weekly.

the usual disclaimer – I do work with ScanNCut/Brother as a brand ambassador, but all ideas & opinions are my own. Love this machine!

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  1. Just love this May … and as I said on your YouTube video, this trick of scanning and cutting a shape over a pattern is something I’ll be using!

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