ScanNCut Technique Round-up: Scan+Cut

I have been what I call “pre-crafting” over here, and preparing for summer travels as well as crop creating and more. Today I want to share with you two ideas that I have as well as links to ScanNCut video tutorials if you’d like to see those as well.

The usual disclaimer: I am a paid consultant for Brother, but all ideas & opinions shared here are my own. I love the ScanNCut!

So first up, I am a HUGE fan of pre-stamping images. This means I can take less ink, stamps, and bulk on the road. If you want to make stickers – even better! I used the Brother sticker sheet material and my ScanNCut to cut around my travel images to create stickers ready to go! To do this you can watch my YouTube video. Here are the instructions:

  1. Stamp image(s) that have a clear outline
  2. Select “scan to cut” and scan sheet in, then adjust color or ‘ignore item size’ as needed
  3. Select your cut outline – love this part as I can raise or lower it to make more or less of an outline
  4. Cut out the image(s) and have fun!

Don’t have a ScanNCut? I still recommend stamping images that you could or would cut out/layer ahead. Saves so much space!

The other thing I’ve been doing a lot of is cutting out patterned paper shapes/images to give myself “die cuts on the go”. You follow the same exact steps as above (if using ScanNCut) but with patterned paper vs sticker sheet.

Why spend the time to do either thing? Think of it as I do as “pre-crafting”. I’ve been finding the more I prepare my supplies, and create an environment that is ready to go craft wise, the more I actually make! By doing things like having shapes cut out or stickers ready to go I am able to pack lighter on the go! I am also better able to sit down and make stuff when it is time because I have all I need and feel inspired to create.

This is a great thing to do when you’re feeling stuck or uninspired too! No creative pressure – just those little tasks that get done before you get to crafting. What do you do to prepare for on the road or a big crafty session? Do share!

2 thoughts on “ScanNCut Technique Round-up: Scan+Cut”

  1. Great ideas … I love those stamps – who makes them??
    I take a few small things like washi tape. Remember when Smash journals were all the go – I took one on our last big trip to the US with some washi and I think that was it.

  2. Great idea, May. SOmetimes I want to make something, but have no inspiration. “Pre crafting” would give me something to work on without having to actually create something. Sometimes I stamp card fronts for the same purpose – so I can have something to color when I’m feeling it. Now I’m going to try your sticker idea, too.

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