2018: The year of Ultra Violet

According to Pantone – the color of the year is Ultra Violet. Now I’m a long time fan of purple – but I don’t craft a lot with purple. Why? It’s often tricky to match up with colors and I tend to be a “love it or hate it a lot” when it comes to crafting with my favorite color.

So as we kick off the new year here is my plan. I am going to look for great violet products and I will also look for good color combos and project ideas to share. My hope is to make this a monthly column – and I’ll round up and share! If you have ideas or suggestions I would LOVE to hear them!

As you can see here I am sharing a few of my favorite purple things, but I could use a few more! So feel free to leave a comment or add a note on the facebook group with your favorite products or color combinations! I am excited to kick off the year of ultra violet. Let’s party!

5 thoughts on “2018: The year of Ultra Violet”

  1. I love purple too but agree that it can be tricky to work with. I tend to use the comination of deep purple (like eggplant) with olive green and brown.

  2. I absolutely love all things purple. I use purple with bright greens, fuchsia and lavender for a monochromatic. So I look forward to your “purple” discussions.

  3. Purple is a wonderful color. It goes great with some orange and grey as a neutral. So nice to see it getting some love by pantone.

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