Studio wall: painted rainbow heart

I’m excited to share with you a look at how I put together the first project in my new studio space. When you open the door there is a wall area that is too close to the door to hang anything on (on other side of that ‘wall’ is closet that runs along that side of room), and since door is right there not like I can put any storage either. So what should I do?

I decided to use only things I had on hand, and a paint brush. And well, just have fun!

The results are better than I hoped – and I think once that ancient carpet is out and I am moved in it’ll really be something! Want to see how I did it? Here is a link to my YouTube video showing a peek at my process.

I used EVERYTHING I had on hand. Acrylic paint, white paint + spray color, stickles, puffy paint… whatever!! My goal here was to have fun and make an entryway something out of this spot. I could have used stencils and other materials to make it more “perfect”… but that’s just not me. I wanted to 100% just use paint + brush + my own hand and hand craft it. Have FUN, enjoy the process, and be ok with being a little chaotic.

I love the results – can you guess the color “theme” of the new studio?

I will be sure to share more with you soon as I’m moved in fully. Wish me luck!

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