Fall leaf garland with ScanNCut

I set myself a goal to decorate a bit more seasonally as well as using up stash items like the spool of twines you see above. I’m also trying to use up paper I have vs buying more. I share this because as I sat and thought about how to add all these things could come together the answer hit me: ScanNCut craft time!

I pulled out my ScanNCut, and made myself some leaves!

  1. Pick leaf – add one of each design you want.
  2. Use edit screen to add # of each design and re-size them to various sizes
  3. Arrange (manual or auto) so they fit on the screen
  4. Insert a mat + paper of choice, cut, and repeat!

This took some time because I had to unload the mat, remove all shapes, place new paper, and repeat. That said I saved a TON of time by using same leaves and not having to do all those steps each time. Easy!

Next step? Get out the hot glue and glue leaves (one front, one back) to the twine. I didn’t try to glue every leaf to every twine, as I wanted a more wild and free look to this project.

Some leaves I added a button – this also worked to hide any glue!

I just kept adding a leaf to the front and back making a leaf sandwich with hot glue, scooting down the line and repeating. One done I tied a loop into each end and headed to the living room with a few of those removable no damage hooks…

I adore the results – and both kids have asked me to make ones like this with hearts and flowers for their rooms> SO fun! It took some time to make – but it should hold up well in storage. I did bend a few of the leaves to give them more body but it wasn’t very necessary – you really can see all the fun detail. I’m thinking about adding some fall twinkle lights to this if I can get them to reach the plug!

I hope you’ve liked my little d├ęcor project. I think I’ll try to add a seasonal word banner to this as well – could be cute don’t you think?

Speaking of creative ideas – reminder that Julie Fei-Fan Balzer is repping ScanNCut today on HSN! You can check her out with the ScanNCut and more. I always love being inspired by her. Oh yes – and the usual disclaimer that I am in fact a paid consultant for Brother. All ideas and inspiration my own – and as you can see by now the ScanNCut is a machine I adore!

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  1. May one day when I feel better I will watch some of your Scan N cut tutorials. I have only used mine a couple times. Love this garland.

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