Doggie Scrapbooking & Portrait Tips

To close out this dog inspired week of projects, I’m sharing with you my latest doggie scrapbook page as well as my tips! Here is my YouTube video showing a bit about my approach – super simple! 

I had these photos sitting on this paper for months. But I couldn’t decide on embellishments so it went undone. This is the danger of over thinking your scrapbooking! You’ll end up with no pages done, no stories told. Now this one really doesn’t have much “story” – I just want these lovely portraits documented. So when in doubt: think SIMPLE!

Speaking of simple – I’m often asked about how I get the dogs to pose. The #1 way? Offer a treat! If I have a piece of meat or cheese in my hand? ALL eyes are on me and they sit very still.

But what if you don’t have food on you? Then I sit and wait and watch. Just yesterday I took Bandit with me to pick the girls up so I could sit and try to catch a good photo of him. Things to be aware of in general: what is in focus, what is lit, what angle is working…

The two photos above show just that! Both unedited/straight out of iPhone camera. The difference? One I kept snapping until Bandit twisted his head around! Secondly I had the focus on Bandit instead of the much lighter/brighter background. Patience pays off for sure – and side note he snapped his head around and focused because toddlers were passing by and he’s not a big fan of littles with grabby hands so he was very focused. Use that!

My BIGGEST tip no matter what method? Take a LOT of photos. This goes for any model! Your odds of getting a great one go up. Shoot fast, move around, keep shooting! Thanks to Bandit for posing extra. I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s posts!

9 thoughts on “Doggie Scrapbooking & Portrait Tips”

  1. we seem to have another problem with our . She has to be in every photo – or she photo bombs it!!! LOL!! results in pretty cool and funny pics!!! and nice memories. Our dog who passed away 2 years ago, was the opposite he would pose and look away just as you click!!! smart dogs – I keep saying our grand dog Ginger is a reincarnation of our sammi. TFS

  2. Love that title, May! You could write a whole story about what they’ve up to and how much they mean to you, but really, those faces tell the whole story right there. Those are such good shots of your squad/co-workers/bosses.

  3. I’ve noticed you take great pics of your dogs-thank you for the tips. What do you use to take your pictures? Now the kids are all grown & gone, our pets are the main focus of my pictures.

  4. Super cute layout. I’ve enjoyed the themed weeks recently, I hope you plan more for the future, they’re awesome!

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