Scrapbook: add a bit of shake to your page

My new online class (picture this) is now live! It’s a longer class, with content coming about once a week, over several months. This way you can really enjoy and savor each lesson, but also you can have more time to enjoy new content coming your way. Win – win! You can get more information and register here. 

Today’s challenge: add a bit of sparkle to your project!

One of the projects I talk about in my new class is scrapbooking a trip in a single album. Now this isn’t my ultimate vacation guide (that’s a whole separate class!) But we talk about this 6×8 album and ways that I’m making it come together quickly. Of course quick doesn’t have to = not fun!

I made a quick YouTube video to show how I put my sequins in and pulled this page together.

When it comes to scrapbooking I’m all about HAVE FUN! Some days that means stickers, some days it takes hours… and some days it’s a few minutes and some sequins. I’ve really become a fan of simple pocket pages mixed in with regular pages as well as on their own. It allows me to work in even smaller chunks of time, one photo or one pocket at a time.

The thing I’ve found with a big project is breaking it way down into small “I can work on this any day” pieces where even 5 minutes gets something done is key for me to actually DO and see through projects. As I want to tackle more things and get more from each day I find that having quick things I can do makes it more likely I will actually do them. It’s all about stories + enjoying the process for me that’s for sure.

The 6×8 Snap album I used can be found at (affiliate link used) – as well as many other colors and styles. I have used and loved these sturdy albums for a few years – I definitely recommend them!

Want some 28 Lilac Lane goodies so new they’re not even in stores to come your way? Leave a comment here for your chance to win – a winner will be drawn randomly and announced on the 16th in the roundup post. Good luck!

69 thoughts on “Scrapbook: add a bit of shake to your page”

  1. the lilac lane sequins and buttons are just the prettiest I have ever seen, the colors are the most vibrant of any sequins I have seen. LOVE them.

  2. This is really cool, May! I love to see new ideas for sequins. Gorgeous. Michelle t

  3. That confetti pocket is perfect for this page! I added a few glitter/sequin pockets to a Christmas album I completed last year, and they were so fun!
    Working on projects in tiny pieces is something that I need to train myself to do. My mind works better if I have longer chunks of time– I get into the flow of the project and I really make progress– but only with a large time block. These days, those blocks of time are hard to come by! The retraining is hard, but necessary!

  4. The colorful shaker pocket is perfect with those candy photos. What a great idea! I often buy the divided page protectors and the smaller albums (like the Simple Stories albums) for Christmas time. I will start planning ahead to do something like that in this coming years Christmas album, I think that will be cute.

  5. Fun idea! Imagine for a fireworks page as well. Thanks for sneaking new 28 Lila Lane too!

  6. Love the colors of the sequins! They are great for pocket pages. Thanks for a chance to win!!!

  7. I love your shaker pocket. It is a great way to use the odd shaped pocket.

  8. What a great idea! Maybe you can be the one to show me how to make a shaker card-they bumfoozle me!

  9. What a good idea to make a sequin pocket.
    And I love 28 Lilac Lane…so pretty!
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Small parts of the project for small blocks of time… brilliant! I seem to only think in “weekends” lately so not much is getting done. Cute candy sequins!

  11. What a fun idea! You’ve almost convinced me to try the pocket pages. Would you add a link to the Simple Stories album?

    When you first held the bag of sequins, I thought “Those look so mermaidish.” Sure enough, later in the video you can see it says Mermaid on the bag! In case you were wondering, now you know that was the perfect name for that mix!

  12. The sequins in that pocket are delectable! I agree completely about having projects broken down into bite-sized pieces. I’m in a lots-of-reading and very-little-crafting mode right now — I tend to vacillate between the two extremes, but I’m feeling the itch to play in my traveler’s notebooks and get some vacation photos printed up. Happy Thursday!

  13. I think it works best if you have a place where you can leave everything out. If it takes 20 minutes to get everything together and put it away afterward, you’re less likely to use those small pockets of time. If you can’t leave everything out all the time, maybe have a tray that you can fill with the current project, then you can tuck it out of sight when you’re not working.

  14. Again another great project I hope to find these sequins mixes soon. Thank you for. Sharing another wonderful idea!!!!!

  15. I never even thought of using bling in that way! Thank you for this amazing idea!!!!!

  16. I love shaker elements on my cards. These sequins and beads are so beautiful!

  17. I fell in love with sequins the first time I saw a sneak peek at your Lilac Lane sets when you did a page using your “Attic Findings” kit! I just had to have it. I now have 6 kits and 5 sequin mix tins. I have a feeling that will happen again when I see the new ones!

  18. Thanks for the idea….I’m in the midst of my summer mini and A shaker page is a fantastic idea – that I never would have thought of. Thanks!

  19. The class sounds awesome!.
    Love that sparkle you added with the sequins! pretty shapes and colors!

  20. Love that tutorial. I was just thinking the page I am working on needs a little pizazz. I think I will get out my yool and make me a shaker pocket.

  21. I love your vacation class, it helped me turn my vacation into a “story”. & I’m excited to dive into the “picture this” class

  22. the look is SO pretty and sparkly…I have not gotten into shaker embellishments yet…something I may need to try.

  23. I love the shaker pocket. It is perfect for a spread on Dylan’s Candy bar. (such an awesome place).

  24. Love shaker pockets and great idea to use one to highlight the candy! So fun. Thanks for the chance to win.

  25. I keep seeing the sequins and think I want to use them and haven’t yet, thanks for this great idea, sequins may actually be in my future!

  26. I love the shakers! I have a fuse tool, which makes it faster to do. I like making shaker cards to send to my grandchildren. Thanks to you and 28 Lilac Lane for a chance to win!

    As an added side note I used to live near Lilac Lane, in Des Moines, Iowa. The park had many different varieties of ancient lilac trees planted, and as a child I loved to walk among the lilac trees and see all the different colors and fragrances of the blooms in spring. Thanks for bringing back the memories!

  27. What a great way to add the Wow! facror to a page. Your seqins and beads/Lilac Lane are gorgeous.

  28. I really like the sequin pocket–a perfect use for that particular section on that page protector! Awesome new mixes, too. I may have to try adding a shaker pocket to a scrapbook layout. I’ve done them for cards, but never thought to do it on a layout. Thanks for the inspiration, May! 🙂 ~ Andrea

  29. the pocket of sequins is a great addition to the page. Love this idea! I also love the idea of mixing pocket pages in with regular pages. I never thought to do that before but will give it a try now 😉

  30. Omg may!
    I just love your embellishments, sparkly, you my lo King goodness. Haven’t seen anything comparable here in Australia though I know I can ge some if I try hard!

  31. I have sequins, though not as pretty as these, and a fuse tool. I need to try this when summer is over and we are back from the lake cottage. We have to go by boat, so dragging in craft supplies is is a limited thing…I do more digi in the summer. LOL

  32. I love to add sparkle to my projects. There are so many new this on the market now. It’s fun to play and experiment with them.

  33. Good reminder to break things down into smaller, manageable tasks. I have a wedding album to do and have been feeling overwhelmed by it.

  34. I love the idea of creating a shaker section as part of the page. What a great idea! I also need to take your advice of breaking things down into smaller tasks, as I have so much that I want to get done and no time to do it. I love all of your 28 Lilac Lane products and would love to win some!

  35. I really love the idea of a shaker pocket on the page like this – so colorful and interesting! I just bought some of your 28 Lilac Lane products at Whimsodoodle in St. Pete FL a few weeks ago. Love them!! Thanks for the chance to win.

  36. Wow. Love this idea for a candy page. I am going to try your idea on breaking things down. I seem to always scrap for a couple of hours , but those pockets of time are getting harder to find. A small amount of time will be easier to find and keep my creating motor running. ????????????

  37. You make everything so much “FUN”! Can’t wait to try my hand at a shaker scrapbook page–would never have thought to combine what I think of as a card making technique with scrapbooking, but you made it look so easy and Fun!

  38. Ive never heard of 28 lilac lane but I loooooooove a shaker pocket and card ????????????

  39. This is fabulous and has totally inspired me to try some shaker pockets !!

  40. I usually forget to add shaker elements to my pages, they do add so much interest. I will have to remember!

  41. What a fun way to use sequins and stuff. I got my prize pack from you with some 28 Lilac Lane in it. I will have to do this with some of that. Thanks.

  42. I like how you used that 2×8 pocket to add sparkle. I don’t always know how to incorporate, and usually just add journaling or a pretty strip of paper. Now I can add sequins and sparkle. Thanks for all the ideas you come up with.

  43. Love the sequins in the pocket page! I’m putting a post-it note in an album project of my own to remind me to do exactly that!

  44. I signed up for your new class and a couple other ones. Now I just need to make time to work on them. You offer a lot of fun inspiration.

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