scrapbooking: with a Gossamer Blue kit

Me and paper crafting kits go WAY back. Once upon a time what I loved about them is that someone would coordinate supplies to go together. I could add as much (or as little) as I liked for my specific projects but I could get coordinated, beautiful products often times things I didn’t know existed nor could I find locally.

These days kit clubs have truly evolved and become so much more – and today I’m going to share some of my thoughts, tips, and explore the four options the wonderful company Gossamer Blue offers. OH yes, and they were so generous that I’ve got a kit to give away so be sure to enter!

Where to begin? When looking at a kit club I look for product types that are useful to me, and I look for unique products I can’t get myself easily. If all I wanted was just coordinated product, I’d just buy from one specific line/brand. Kit clubs can (and sometimes do!) take it way farther with unique offerings and also design teams that share projects and video tutorials to inspire you further.

Today I’m using a Traveler’s Notebook kit from Gossamer Blue to work in my 6×8 pocket page scrapbook album. You can see (and purchase) that kit here. I’m mixing it up like this because I wanted to prove a point. The life pages kit would have been perfect (and easy!) for me to use but I really want to show that you can take any paper craft kit and make, well, anything you want with it!

Gossamer Blue offers four different kits: Life Pages, Planner, Traveler’s Notebook, and Scrapbooking. I could use any and all of these kits for any and all paper crafting of course. Their kits are filled with exclusive product which is a HUGE selling point for me because it means this is unique “can’t find in shops” product. My recommendation with ANY kit club is to look at the contents, and see which variation(s) are actually the most useful to you. I’ve created a video to share with you as I walk through this simple page and also go over what I’m loving about these kits on YouTube.


As much as I could (and would love!) to keep all these beautiful kits to myself (mwahaha) I’m going to share them…

But before we get to that – let me share a couple of tips for purchasing kits:

  • Don’t fall in love in general – view specific elements consider them separately. Would you buy them?
  • Do consider what item(s) you tend to use, and if the kit contains types of items you use (or don’t use)
  • Do consider purchasing one at a time/a la carte vs subscribing if you don’t use a ton of supplies each month
  • Do consider the support/inspiration such as blogs, videos, etc.

I’m a “one at a time” kind of kit purchaser. Which does mean sometimes I miss out if they sell quickly, but that’s ok. Some months I purchase 2-3 various kits. Some months I purchase no kits from anyone! It works well for me, while for others having a beautiful kit every month automatically come in the mail works well.

As for this particular page – it’s actually the first (of MANY) in this album about our recent NYC adventure. I am a HUGE 6×8 fan for when you want a binder/album but 12×12 is just too big. Or when you want minimal decoration/fuss and maximum story telling fun. Before I end this post I will share a few top tips for adding your own supplies into kits:

  • Don’t treat a kit as something other than a grouping of supplies. Be open and willing to mix & match!
  • Consider what the kit doesn’t have. What isn’t there? White cardstock? gold mist? kraft paper? What are your go-to items? Add those.
  • Work on a one project at a time basis. As you create, feel free to add in, mix, match, and otherwise customize.

Kits make our crafty lives fun – so have fun creating with them!

Give away time!

One lucky winner will receive the June 2017 scrapbooking kit (so beautiful! so full of goodies!).. but wait there’s more! A second lucky winner is going to receive a surprise kit! For your chance to win simply leave a comment on this post. Winners will be announced on July 16th in the round-up post here on my blog.

I will be back creating more with these kits here on my blog – in addition to the ongoing Camp Scrap event. So stay tuned!! Thank you SO much to Gossamer Blue for supporting Camp Scrap and for sharing a give-away.

And thank YOU for tuning in to Camp Scrap, for your wonderful comments, and for being a part of this fun adventure!

114 thoughts on “scrapbooking: with a Gossamer Blue kit”

  1. I have never done scrapbooking before, well, I should never say “never” I did when I was a young kid, but that was a long long time ago. Things have changed a lot since then. I am not going on any vacations this year, but my son (32 yrs old) and I have planned to do three or four day trips to the ocean and a trip together to a comic con in Boston. We have not gone on any real fun trips together, even day trips, for a very long time, due to time constraints. I have thought that this would be a really good thing to do together. A really nice Christmas gift to give him, a small scrapbook of our time that we spend together this summer. This would be a really nice prize to win to get me started on scrapbooking.
    Thanks for all of the fantastic chances to win great prizes.

  2. iI have used kit clubs for many years. Gossamer blue is one that I haven’t tried yet. I love the excitement of getting packages in the mail. Thanks for the chance to win.

  3. I like the idea of using smaller albums for shorter trips. I’m trying out an 8×8 album for a short trip we took. I love the idea of kit clubs. Your points are right on and really will help me when looking at kit clubs again.thanks for the inspiration and chance to win.

  4. I love kits, but don’t subscribe to any. I would love to win this one. It looks great. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love the idea of kits, but have never purchased one because I feared there would be too much that I wouldn’t use or find hard to lose. I like what you have done with this kit. Thanks for the chance to win!

  6. I love kits as I am not a natural in co-ordinating products and this takes that stress away so that I can just have fun creating. I don’t subscribe because sometimes I just don’t like a particular months products and with a limited craft budget, i don’t want to waste my money. I have found that in recent years i use 6×8 albums for a specific project (a photo heavy weekend away, December daily, etc).

  7. I have not gotten a kit in years. I do love these with everything coordinated for you. I make smaller albums all the time for vacations, for friends who visit, etc. Thank you for sharing these and for the chance to win!

  8. Lots of great tips in this post & video. I tend to be a match person. Yet I participate in an Ugly Paper Challenge every month on LOL Nothing matching with those. But I usually don’t mesh kits or workshops together… I guess if I got out of that compartment thinking then I might use MORE of what I already have. These are sweet kits tho- lots of fun stuff.

  9. Great tips on kits. And I love the udea of the 6×8 album. I do smaller albums, but usually 8×8. I so see a benefit to the 6×8 size. Got a project in mind already! Thanjs for the chance to win.

  10. I used to subscribe to kits, but found I wasn’t able to use them up before receiving the next. Love your tips on buying one at a time for that. I love that you showed the versatility of the kits with the project you shared as well. Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. I love kits! I also enjoy pulling from my stash to create page kis. Thanks for the giveaways, these kits look fun!

  12. Ive always wanted to try the Gossamer Blue kits! I really need to focus more time on getting my projects completed 🙂 this video is inspiring.

  13. You had me at Travelers Notebook kit – lol. I am definitely checking this company out – for my NYC trip in a few weeks! Thanks, May!!

  14. I just love kits! This is a new one to me, so I’m excited to check them out. Your classes on kits have been so helpful to me.

  15. I Love the idea of using a kit for a 6×8 scrapbook layout, I’ve never tried that before!!

  16. It has been a long time since I purchased a kit. I like that Gossamer Blue has such a varied collection of kits to meet different needs. Good tips here about using kits. I have some older ones I need to dig out and use some of your ideas. Getting hooked on your you-tubes. excellent diversions for me right now.

  17. I’ve heard good things about Gossamer Blue and from looking at their kits, it seems like they find the sweet spot where the products coordinate well while still providing a variety of colors and patterns. I like 6 x 8 a lot, too.

  18. This looks like a great kit! Once again you have given me a new way to look at something – it doesn’t all have to be used together. I’m bookmarking gossamer Blue 🙂

  19. I like the idea of trying new sizes of albums – not always being stuck in a 12 x 12.

  20. This is my fave post so far. I love kits, and Gossamer Blue brings the A-game. Thanks for the chance to win.

  21. I have never purchased a kit like this. I usually only get 1 or 2 items in a matching line and then try to find coordinating products from my stash. That is fun but time intensive. I would love to work with a full kit to see how I like it and winning one would reduce the guilt of splurging on one! Thank you for that chance!!

  22. I love the idea of kits, but end up not using everything. This one has some great stuff! I’m not familiar with Gossamer Blue, so thanks for featuring it.

    I learned from you how to create a kit from what I already have, which is a great idea,too.

  23. I actually prefer using kits as it takes the guesswork out of what products will work together. I use a lot of kits from Close to my Heart for most of my scrapping but I do subscribe to the Gossamer Blue TN kit and absolutely LOVE it! Thanks for sharing how you used it in your smaller album. you’ve inspired me to do the same. and thank you for the chance to win an awesome GB scrapbooking kit.

  24. Love those dinosaur pictures! I’m not a kit subscriber either but I do occasionally buy some if I really like all the elements. I also try to assemble my own kits from my stash using kit companies as inspiration.

  25. I have tried kits before, and ended up with lots of leftovers, or not being able to get the one add-on kit I really
    wanted/needed. I am not familiar with Gossamer Blue. I will have to look at them. I like your tips on how to get the most out of kits. I may have to try some again.

  26. Wow May, spectacular give away and wonderful tips on kits!! Thanks for the chance to win.

  27. Kits! They’re great for all the reasons you mentioned. But I think my favorite is getting product that I wouldn’t be able to find otherwise. I haven’t bought any for several years because I put myself on a ” you can only buy what you specifically need to finish a project” diet. I get excited just thinking about opening a new kit and seeing all the fun goodies.

  28. I love this layout, and how you used the labels. I tend to just stamp a sentiment or phrase, or date on them, and there are so many more possibilities. The kits are beautiful. Thanks for sharing, and the giveaway. Michelle t

  29. i’ve never really tried kits before. I simply grab what I have. i think it would be helpful to have some simply to try things you wouldn’t necessarily try otherwise.

  30. I have never been a subscriber to a kit club, but I have purchased a couple scrapbook kits (company no longer exists). I honestly like making my own mini kits. I feel overwhelmed with choices if the kit is too big, I dont know where to start! Gossam Blue does have beautiful kits, and I really like the idea of exclusive products. I may have to try purchasing one!

  31. I have found that just because I love one months offerings doesn’t mean I’ll even like the next months. I am more of an ala carte gal

  32. I love kits, to use as-is, or to break up. I don’t buy them often, but get very excited when I do! And I love creating mini albums in all sorts of sizes.

  33. Loved the video. I have never used a kit because they seem to always have something in them that i would never use. i’m a “buy a little here and there” kind of gal. I haven’t scrapbooked in years because i don’t know how to print my photos off my phone. (android) . Anyway, thanks for a chance to win. ~~rita

  34. I subscribed to gossamer Blue after taking one of your classes May. I loved it.I loved that it had items in it that I didn’t think I would use and then I made really creative pages with these items. Thanks for always inspiring us May.

  35. Thanks for all of the great tips! While I purchase coordinating papers & embellishments from collections I have never purchased a kit before.

  36. I love kits too but haven’t used them in quite a while. Love what you did
    With this one and would like to win it. Thank you for the chance to wind.mbut

  37. I’ve purchased kits for many years and only recently stopped buying kits with paper inside and have gone with embellishment type only kits. I have a TON of paper! I’ve always been enamored with Gossamer blue though and have drooled many a time but never succumbed to purchase. 😀

    I also participate in a monthly blog where we are challenged to create a kit from our stash based upon a kit selected by the design team. This is so much fun!!! I’ll probably use that to create a page to share on FB.


  39. I love kit clubs and when I choose I do just as you said. I am no longer getting one but am in the market to start a new one. gossamer blue is on my short list. Love their style of products. I also love Noel Mignon kits even though they are a bit pricey you get a ton of stuff and I never need to add product from my stash. Perfect for grabbing and heading out to a crop. Cocoa daisy has long been a fan of mine. I had to cancel back in December due to us needing to pay off a couple CC bills. they have some exclusives. their stamps are one of theirs that I love!!

  40. I’ve never used a kit before but love the idea of it! I definitely like the way you say to ignore the label and look at the contents – such a great idea!

  41. Gossamer Blue is a company I’ve heard so much about but have never tried it. LOVE the colors! This blog post reminds me of one of my fav May classes too – Kit-tastic! I need to be re-inspired and make more kits and GET MORE DONE! THanks May!


  43. I was a card kit subscriber for a few years then took up Scrapbooking. At one point I was subscribing to card, scrapbook and project life all at the same time. Now I only sub to one scrapbook kit and I pretty much kill it off every month. I follow gossamer blue on Instagram, love their products. Thanks for the opportunity to win and be in camp scrap another year.

  44. Thank you so much, May, for an awesome Camp Scrap so far!!! Great tips on kits. I haven’t really used pre-made kits much. Mainly because I never can be sure beforehand that I will like all the supplies enough to use them. Call it fear of buyer’s remorse, I guess. Thanks for all the great tips, and thanks to Gossamer Blue for the awesome prize! 🙂 ~ Andrea

  45. Hi May! I will be a good girl and be pulling out some of my kits and get some pages done! I do love the Gossamer Blue kit you are showing today and always love your scrapbooking lessons! Thank You as always for all you do for us! Hugs!

  46. Over the years I’ve tried various kit subscriptions. Some turned out just not to be my style, so I discontinued them and others I absolutely loved. i just finished taking some kits where i had used partials, and putting the remainder away with my supply stash. it was hard to break up the remainder of the kits but i know i’ll use the items more if they’re organized with everything else.Br

  47. I like the smaller albums too! Sometimes you are more creative in a smaller format, I’m not sure why, maybe because you don’t have so much blank space to deal with.

    I have taken many of your courses when I belonged to BPC, (yours were always my favorite, btw) and I have done a few of your kit classes, although kits just don’t work for me, no matter how much I try to make a kit and use it, I always want to use something else in my stash.

    That doesn’t mean that I don’t love kits, I do, I just break them up and use them separately when I’ve purchased them. My question is: Do you have to belong to a club these days to purchase kits? A few years ago you did, and I could never afford that kind of commitment. I did like the kit you used in the video, it was just as you described, not geared to anything/event, so it would be easy to incorporate into any layout…I like that!

  48. Love what you have done with this kit and how you have shared a different way of looking at the kits – as parts of a whole rather than a complete package. Makes it so much more versatile this way. Thanks to Gossamer Blue kits for being so generous too

  49. I’m a buy the kit ala carte kind of person. I’ve been in kit clubs in the past & not been crazy about 4 out of the 6 months. So now I look at all & pick what I like. My stash is a lot more “me” these days because of it.

  50. I got cocoa daisy scrapbook subscription for the first time this month. I am in love! I love the surprise. I will have to check this one out!

  51. I’ve always loved kits as well, and like you am an a la carte purchaser. I just wish more companies – any company? – would make a scrapbooking kit that didn’t include cardstock; I hardly use it except for white and seem to have a lifetime supply, accummulated before I figured that detail out.

  52. I buy kits but I’m also a “one at a time” kit buyer, I don’t subscribe to kit clubs. Of course I would love to try one of these!

  53. What is it about a kit that makes my heart beat faster?! ????
    But, I’m with you, I just buy the ones that I think I’d really use. Gossamer blue’s looks really nice. That you and them for the chance.

  54. I love kits. I started a LONG LONG time ago with Club Scrap and now I love Felicity Jane. 🙂 Gossamer Blue looks very interesting. Thank you for the chance to win! 🙂

  55. I love the look of this, will definitely have to research a bit further & keep my eyes out for Gossamer Blue in Australia!

  56. A friend is actually starting me on a Travelling notebook kit next month and I cannot wait to see what comes. I hope it will stir my creativity. I have really been in a bit of a depression. it is hard to create when you cannot clear your mind. I have been following camp scrap and I did one of the activities but it has been such a struggle to create even with precise instructions to follow. Perhaps one of the camp scrap projects will be so cool it will just hit me and I will make several cards and my mojo will return. I can only hope. Your blog and videos have been wonderful. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  57. I really would like to have more time to try all the amazing things you have here. Looking forward to more videos and the sharing of ideas.

  58. I don’t subscribe to kits. Thanks for sharing your pages and your great tips. Very helpful for those of us who have a problem getting started. Thanks for a chance to win.

  59. That would be an awesome win! Would get me started with the scrap booking projects I need to get done!!

  60. I’ve never used these kits before but love the bright colors in this one. I can’t wait to see what else you create with it. I may have to look at their scrapbooking kits. I like that it includes stamps as I am a sucker for stamps :).

  61. I used to be a regular kit subscriber, but got out of the habit in recent years. I have considered maybe trying out a kit club again, and the Gossaer Blue kits look gorgeous! thanks for the chance to win one!

  62. Kits are always so tempting! Full of gorgeous product! I love that you used a travelers notebook kit with a Project life kind of layout – you’re not limited by these kits. Thanks so much for the chance to win a kit.

  63. I’d love to try a Gossamer Blue kit, I’ve seen a few people use them online but not yet taken the plunge myself. I would be swapped with supplies if I went with a subscription so I tend to look at individual kits too.

  64. I haven’t done any scrapbooking for over a year (cost of photo paper and limited space) so I will have a lot to catch up on when we get a bigger craft room. I keep a journal so I will still be able to add journaling to the pages.

  65. Gossamer Blue is new to me and I’m definitely going to check it out. I use kits to make cards and for my planner. I like to challenge myself to use it all up!


  67. I always have a hard time choosing between kit clubs. This one is really nice.

  68. I love on your page on NYC the little embellishment cluster in the corner, so many cute little items layered together. the Gossamer Blue kits look really nice. I really love scrapbooking kit clubs. I used to subscribe to a couple of them but haven’t been able to the last few years. I always find it fun to see what kind of little things they include that I wouldn’t think of using together. Of course the type of stamps in a kit usually do it for me, I LOVE stamps. I love the selection of papers in the kit you have shown as they look really versatile and nothing is more fun than kits that have exclusive items in it like those fun enamel shapes. Thanks for the chance to win, gossamer blue is very generous.

  69. Thanks for sharing this “new to me” kit club! I love kit clubs and will have to check this one out

  70. I love using kits for my scrapbooking! They are fun to and quick to use when you want to put a page together. I purchase kits one at a time and love Gossamer blue for its uniqueness! Thanks for the chance!

  71. Love gossamer blues exclusive kits. The stamp sets on this kits are always beautiful and useful. Wish I could subscribe to all of them.

  72. Would love a kit! I don’t subscribe to any right now because of my husband being out of work, but would love to again some day!

  73. I’m like you May – love to buy the kits individually. When I first started scrapbooking I had a subscription to a great kit club and I’m still using those papers up now. Amazing how many sheets of paper one person can think they will use – lol. My advice to anyone starting out would be to take it slow following many of May’s great tips.

  74. Gossamer Blue kits are amazing! yOU HAVE SOME GOOD TIps.
    I’m glad I found yu blog.
    I am a scrapping newbie and just started to try some kits.
    Would love to have this one.

  75. Ive never subscribed to any kits before but these look amazing. I love the 6×8 ideas too. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  76. I just resubscribed to Gossamer Blue after being away for 3 years. This is the best kit club out there. Love the inspiration.

  77. I’ve been drooling over Gossamer blue kits for years! I’m also a one off kit purchaser as well (that is if the kit does not sell out). Thank you for your insights and the giveaway. Love the 6×8 album size too……quick, easy and done.

  78. Kits are great, but you are an awesome importer of knowledge that makes us step outside the box, thanks 🙂

  79. i love gossamer blue kits and i love the way you look at the subscriptions, i share the same opinion. I love purchasing a one off kit rather than a subscription and gossamer blue just speaks to me with all their cute embellishments. Love their customer service.

  80. Cute pages May.
    I love kits but haven’t tried Gossamer Blue. I like their variety of kit styles

  81. I have never purchased a kit but have been considering doing the ala carte approach. Thanks for the nudge I needed! I too love the 6×8 format for all our big vacation trips and will be taking a long look at Gossamer Blue and your blog for more inspiration. Thank you!

  82. Joining a kit club is one of those things I toy with all the time, but I feel like I need to be more consistent about scrapping before investing, although then I think it would make me more consistent…I do love kits though and love how you used this one!

  83. Ever since I took May’s class on Kits way back at Big Picture Classes I’ve found it’s my favorite way to craft. I can get so much accomplished with a kit and stay focused!

  84. I love everything about this May – fantastic. And I have to say I love kits too – such an easy and stressfree way of scrapping and we all have to like that 🙂

  85. Funny, just last night at a crop my girlfriends and I were talking about kits. I’ll have to recommend this one to look at. Also, I like using a small page size, too. My go to is 9×9 that I put into a binder I made.

  86. I love kits and the different embezzlement s that just add the RIGHT touch to the projects I’m working on. Whats not to love about kits? They are so much fun for the details to bring stories to life!

  87. Love all your advice about kits and thanks for the chance to win this lovely scrapbooking collection of goodness xxx

  88. Thank you for the tips on choosing a kit, and for the peek at this lovely Gossamer blue collection! Kits are not something I use often but I’m seeing the benefit in having everything coordinated, the longer I scrap. Spending less time collecting, and more time actually scrapping is a good thing!

  89. I dont do the club kit thing; but you are inspiring me to do a 6×8 album!! also love the wonky handrawn frame.

  90. I have two little girls who keep me very busy so my scrapbooking time is really limited. A kit would make it much easier but there are so many out there that it gets confusing. Thanks for sharing your smaller album, and for letting us know how you chose a kit.

  91. Ooh yeah, love kits! Even though I’ve never subscribed to a kit club, I’ve ordered a few singles.

  92. Kits are so fantastic in scrapbooking I find they are a massive help because everyting is right there for you. This kits is gorgeous !!

  93. I’ve been giving serious thought to joining a kit club. gOSSAMER BLUE IS ON MY SHORT LIST.

  94. I love kit clubs since I struggle with coordinating supplies and kits are a big time saver for me.

  95. I used to be on a creative team for a (no longer extant) kit club– and I LOVED IT!! The coordinated products were so fun to use– and I loved the challenge of finding ways to use the things that I might not have purchased individually on my own. I also loved the challenge of trying to use every little bit (and before the next one came!!). Recently, I realized that I actually avoid crafting sometimes because the decision-making process for choosing supplies is too overwhelming. Kit clubs are a perfect way to avoid that overwhelm. One of these days when I have a better handle on my time and balancing my sewing and scrapbooking projects (haha, the dream, right?), I want to subscribe to one again.

  96. I *love* the idea of a kit but as you said to really look at the details, when I do, it seems as though too much of the kit is ‘not me’. Perhaps I need to look into the smaller kits vs the scrapbooking kits – maybe that would be better. Thanks for letting us know that kit companies are doing different versions of kits now.

  97. I love the idea of kits, but I haven’t purchased one in a long time because there are usually colors or items in it that I wouldn’t use. It would be nice to win this kit so that I could give it a try again and it might even motivate me to make time to scrapbook!

  98. I took your class about making kits for myself, love that, used all my scraps until I created more, lol.always making scraps, lol.

    Now i keep some and give the rest to some children who find unique ways to use them. They lovethe surprises I put in their “bags” and have so much fun. This way both me and they have fun, way better than hoarding the supplies, lol.

  99. another great video and tutorial ! I I love memory keeping also. I I think it is so important to our families. I I also think it is something we need to pass down to future generations. For myself personally I would always go for the scrapbook kit so much fun !!

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