Mixed Media: mixing colors with Prima Marketing

Fridays here at Camp Scrap will be freaky! Well, maybe not in a body swapping way but I will be playing with mixed media. What is mixed media? Quite simply, it is mixing & matching various mediums. There are NO rules as to what you can mix and match. NO rules about what you make. So this is definitely my kind of craft! If you’ve been following my blog or YouTube then you already know this is my kind of crafty jam!

Above you can see my starting point and inspiration – a new stamp and paints sent to me by my friends at Prima Marketing. What to do? Well let’s get out more Prima mediums and play! Here is a link to my YouTube video showing several mediums and a few ways I love to mix & match things too!

Looking for something I used? (affiliate) links to Scrapbook.com are here – they’ve got a huge selection of Prima products including Impasto paints (I used Jade, Cobalt, and Heather), metallic watercolors, watercolor palettes, oil pastels, water brushes, and of course ‘girl’ stamps like the one I used. I also mentioned manila tags, and I used archival ink (remember it’s good because it doesn’t react to water based mediums) for my stamp.

Are you wishing you could find out more ASAP about mixing & matching your color mediums? Playing with dimensional projects and more techniques? Well EVERYONE gets a prize today!! I partnered with scrapbook.com to film a mixed media basics class and it is now ready for you – free of charge. Click here to enroll in this new class now – for free! Our gift today to you.

No I’m not kidding, and yes it’s absolutely FREE! It’s packed with so many projects and ideas for all types of crafting. I worked so many hours, weeks, and days on it and the scrapbook.com team has worked hard taking all of that content and making it into a class! I really hope you enjoy it – and I hope you’ll let me know which lesson is your favorite!

Remember you can sign up today (free) right here. In the middle of Camp Scrap here, but hey we can all always use more (free!) inspiration, right? I hope you enjoy class, and that you’re enjoying the ideas right here on my blog. Have a great weekend!

37 thoughts on “Mixed Media: mixing colors with Prima Marketing”

  1. Lovely work May!
    I love tags as well, will have to get my stamps & paints out & play!

  2. wow! I’m amazed at how much you have put into this free course May. I can’t wait to have a good look at all of the videos.

  3. This was so awesome, but does the tag start to peel from so much water with no prepping before hand. I love the class. I don’t mix stuff because I have never tried but seeing you is so fun. You make it look so easy. Your colors don’t get muddy and mine do.

  4. I’ve never had a tag peel – one huge reason Manila is so great it takes a ton of water and abuse in general. If your colors are muddy a lot of the time it is time to SLOW DOWN. LEt layers dry. DO a bit less. KEep playing, and enjoy!

  5. Another great idea May thank you will have to try it but need to find a water pen first. Will be a trip to one of my favorite craft stores and hope they have these. My Ipad doesn’t ‘do capital letters today.M

  6. I haven’t watched the video yet, but just signed up for your FREE class! Thank you! I don’t know how you have time to do it all but you do! Thank you for all your educational videos! They inspire me!

  7. Thank you for the free class! It looks great and I can’t wait to get started. I love mixed media!

  8. Free class = awesome ???????? Thanks! Lovely tag too. I haven’t jumped into mixed media that much but your projects always inspire me to at least try.

  9. This is such a wonderful idea! Us adults
    Need a little camp of our own! I can’t wait to try some of your great ideas and tips!

  10. I guess a Class-aholic, lol. I take a lot of your clases, so a free one is a no brainer. However you pack so much in your clases, thanks in advance for making it!

  11. I really have the most fun when I’m doing a mixed media project. Applying things that aren’t normally used on a scrapbook page or card or just to see what happens if… I have not played with them enough tho & never thought of using an art journal with the idea of “testing” – DUH! Thanks for the class May. I’m going to a ladies painting party tonight. Learning to paint- I’m not a person who is good at drawing or making more than stick figures kinda thing- so this will be a learning experience. One I hope to apply to my mixed media projects too 🙂

  12. Great video and I like the mixed products. I do copics and colored pencils or Kruretake paints and H2O paints together. I need to break out of the box and try more mixed products. So glad I saw your video.

  13. Wow, Thank you so much for this!!! I just enrolled and am so excited!!! I love mixed media, I love getting dirty hands I cannot wait to did right in!!!!

  14. The metallic watercolors look like fun. Great news About the the free class on scrapbook.com, always good to have a refresher of the basics.

  15. All signed up. I have plenty of supplies to give this a try. Saw a commercial today for Minion paper towels. my first thought was I can try May’s technique from Monday-without the stencil!

  16. These tags are just so beautiful! I haven’t used paints with stamps much, except for water coloring so these are really inspiring

  17. Thanks for the class! Will go check it out. I’m curious about the impasto paints, too. Thanks again! Michelle t

  18. I am definitely a tag gal! I have plenty of distress mediums, but also have many other inks and paints that I use together.

  19. I love the gorgeous Prima stamp you see for this tag! You always amaze me with how you mix your paints together! Very inspiring!

  20. Mixed media is my jam so thanks for the class! I’m sure to learn something new.

  21. I loved your class May. Now I know what to do with the gesso, pastes, etc. mixed media fascinates me and I cant wait to get started. Cant wait for your class starting in July 1! Thank you for your Scrapbook. Com classes. Ive learned so much!

  22. Lovely mixed media tags! The paints look awesome… I’ll have to try some of those!

  23. Thank you for the kick in the tushie! I don’t have all the products you are using but I do have a bunch of them and this is the perfect kick in the behind to get them out and play! Thank You!

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