Nuvo glue & gilding flakes

These two products are awesome alone – or together and are products I’ve been using a while now yet somehow don’t ever seem to get mentioned here so I wanted to share a quick little video + post about them. affiliate links are included in this post

The glue pen comes in several sizes, however I really like the BIG one because so often I want a lot of glue but with minimal swiping. This does the trick!

Here is my YouTube video showing how I added gold leafing to a die cut.

Now gold leafing – it is a mess. It is so light even a soft breath out in its general direction can make it flutter around! That said, its finish is like no other and it really is a lot of fun to play with whether covering using glue like this, double sided tape, or any other ‘sticky’ solution. Remember dry clean hands are the best hands to handle this – and good news. It does clean up easy even if it is a mess to use.

The finished results always wow me – though they sure are hard to photograph.

If you continue to gently rub the gold leafing, and press you can get rid of any and all loose flakes/particles of course. I personally like it a bit on the wild side. Other favorite methods for using gold leafing include gel medium + stencil, with a (sticky) rub-on, and a strip with double sided tape. Looking for some of your own? I’ve seen these Nuvo flakes in tons of stores including and Ellen Hutson. Same goes for the glue pen – here’s a link to the selection of glue pens/options from Tonic.

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