Hi! A tea inspired card featuring the ScanNCut

I totally enjoy (and always disclose) the fact that I work with Brother (paid consultant, but as always this machine I adore and all ideas & opinions are my own), and I always love when they give me a new challenge. Below you see a sneaky peek of something I worked on today – stencils + pottery painting! If it turns out as good as I hope? Well I’ll be doing a LOT more because it was amazing and awesome.

I won’t know the results for a week, when I get to go pick up the finished pieces that I did today. Don’t worry – there will be a full video tutorial here, and I’m making one for the Brother website as well. I just couldn’t help adding this peek in since I spent my day down at a pottery studio and man, it was FUN!

Speaking of fun, I needed a card for a friend and fellow Girl Scout leader and fast! But what to do? I wanted something fun and then I saw it. This teacup paper die cut that has been plaguing me for months! maybe a year or more. Since I’d just spent the day enjoying pre-cut shapes from my ScanNCut to stencil pottery I thought… let’s pull it back out and see what I can do!

Here is a link to my full tutorial on YouTube. This turned out even better than I expected, and I was able to do a thicker outline so I love showing you that when usually I use a very thin outline. I also love any excuse to use this particular doily-esque pattern as well!

“Grounding” everything to the one side as well as that bit of lace trim really brought this card together beautifully for me. I hope you’ve enjoyed it as well – and I wish you all the best for a most excellent week.

2 thoughts on “Hi! A tea inspired card featuring the ScanNCut”

  1. IT’s adorable, May! Of course, I love anything teacup and teapot, so I’m smitten. I’m must have missed something about the diecut – did you glue it on white paper before you cut it out? Great idea to create a little white space between an embellishment and a patterned paper.

  2. So cute! Like Marcie, I love anything to do with teacups so this is just adorable!!
    And I can’t wait to find our more about the pottery!

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