Make your mark: creative play turned into a card

Some days, I just color and play. I might have an assignment for a company like Brother (disclaimer as usual that I am a paid consultant/brand ambassador but as always all ideas and opinions are my own), or I might have some free time and just want to mull  over color combinations or ideas in my head. I’m a huge fan of just take your time, play around, and see what happens.

But what happens when you finish watercoloring and find yourself with a usable image on a  page with many some good and some terrible?

Today’s answer: get out the ScanNCut! Here is a link to my YouTube video.

For something like this, a two-color small pattern background and just a few sequins was all I needed to turn this creative test into a card. I love how this turned out, and I hope I’ve inspired you either to cut loose and play a little more often, or to take your creative experiments and turn them into finished projects simply.

Have a wonderful week!

3 thoughts on “Make your mark: creative play turned into a card”

  1. Well, that was fun! And a good use of a playing-around experiment.

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