Baby gift bag with ScanNCut

The conversation began was a familiar one – a baby gift needed for a baby not yet born, gender unknown. Oh yes, and gift by tomorrow, please. Loads of my husband’s co-workers are beginning their families, and there couldn’t be a happier occasion to celebrate! I always try to do something special for the gift wrapping, so today I decided to go with the shower invite theme of stars.

What materials to use? I found a variety of adhesive backed materials in my stash and decided to adhere them to heavy cardstock then cut them out. Here’s a tip: since thin materials don’t hang well for a project like this I always like to

To watch the full tutorial, check out my YouTube video.

Gluing the stars to the bag wasn’t in my original plan, but sometimes plans must be altered! In this case it worked out well, and I love how the bag turned out.

There is something so fun about gift wrap, and whenever I can take the time to add a bit of craftiness to my gifts it always feels so great! I love sharing a bit of happy crafting with someone else, as well as putting my own spin on things. It’s just one small way I can add some happy crafting to my life and someone else’s. What I really ought to do is to start pre-crafting gift bags and boxes so I always have some ready! Not quite at that level of organization yet, maybe some day?!

Speaking of organization – yikes how is it April?! I’m off to a meeting with some folks at Brother – secret stuff! Watch my Instagram and Facebook (@craftwithmay both places) for updates from the road. In the meantime, a disclaimer as always that I am a paid consultant for Brother but as always opinions and ideas about the awesome ScanNCut and any of their products is all my own.

3 thoughts on “Baby gift bag with ScanNCut”

  1. Very cute! It’s so much easier to have a stash of solid color bags you can decorate the way you want instead of running to the store each time you need something.

    Congratulations on all the new ventures, May. You have worked hard and deserve it!

  2. Cute gift bag… hmmm, you must be secretly hoping it’s a boy, since blue is traditionally “reserved” for that gender.

  3. that is just gorgeous!
    Can’t wait to hear about the ‘secret stuff’ meeting with Brother!!!

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