ScanNCut Valentine with fabric hearts

Today I’m creating a mixed media¬†Valentine inspired by the newest ScanNCut¬†ambassador Rebekah Meier! (reminder that I am a paid consultant and fellow SNC ambassador as well, and that all ideas and opinions are my own). I am excited to see what she does with the ScanNCut, and can’t wait to see her projects. Thinking about her I realized I still have some of her fabric and so I decided to film a how-to on fabric basics + the ScanNCut.

The real trick? Prep your fabric so it wants to hold still and ‘behave’ for the blade. Here’s a link to my YouTube tutorial. ¬†

While none of these products is specifically Valentine’s themed, with the holiday sneaking right up I decided to run with that as my inspiration and I just love the results! To remind you of a few tips when working on a project like this with fabric:

  • Don’t be afraid to mix & match your adhesives! Dry, wet, stitching – adhere the fabrics however works!
  • Remember your contrast! All the bright color and white on this? Well my black scratchy pen work was the perfect counter part!
  • Remember fabric is more “wiggly” than paper, so keep that in mind and use the property to your advantage when possible, prepare for it to work when not (like the stabilizer on the back I used before cutting)

I hope you enjoyed this fun little Valentine project – what are you crafting these days? I’ll have a few more coming up over the next week.

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