2017: Reset time.

Well 2017 has begun, and I’m ready for a reset! To make a long story short, some of the boards in my floor (studio) began separating and the company that installed it needed to come out and fix it. So (this was about 2 months ago) I scheduled it for 1/2/07 thinking it would be a great time! I would have kids off on break and emptying the entire space wouldn’t be so hard. That part I was right about. It ONLY took 4 days to move the studio out. That was the only part that was smooth…

You see once empty and ready I got a phone call. Many of them actually. The installers showed up and declared that they couldn’t fix the floor with the material they had. They had gotten faulty/damaged boards they deemed unusable. The company had discontinued my floor the week before and none was left, a new floor would have to be installed and I’d have to go through the process of picking it. On and on we go for a week. Good news: a box of boards of my flooring was found and shipped out, and next week the flooring is scheduled to be fixed as long as weather didn’t delay the materials, etc.

Mad doesn’t begin to describe my mental state, but also a bit of helplessness and a side of “why do I even try my best?! WHY do I bother?!”

I won’t bore you with more details – but I’ve gotten through the past 10 days and even managed to create 3 projects… personal best? No. But it’s given me time I wouldn’t have otherwise taken to evaluate what I do and don’t use. What I do and don’t want to spend my time on.  If all goes well, it’ll be done and everything moved out of my room, the hallway, and the kids room and back where it all belongs by Tuesday or so.

I doo have a sort of temporary set up with a few items that I moved back in for the sake of sanity and just way too much being crammed in the hallway.  A slow start? Yes. An often cranky and frustrating one? yes. One filled with sickness and irritation? Yep.

But there are good things happening too, and I remind myself that NOT fixing the cracks in the floor now would result in big bad later. Sometimes you’ve just got to pause and reset things properly. I am evaluating creative process, dreaming up new and wild ideas, and focusing in on what I can do to strip and reset a lot of my process, time management, and creativity that suffered in 2016.

I’m still annoyed (and will continued to be so until it’s fixed!) with this whole situation and fact that it needs to be done at all. But hey – it happens. And now you know why things have been a bit on the quiet side around here!

8 thoughts on “2017: Reset time.”

  1. You sure have had obstacles thrown in your way. It doesn’t look like that will stop just because that awful 2016 is finally over. You always find a way over or around them, May, and make beautiful things as you go along.

  2. Oh I would be upset also. But in the end you will have a floor that is fixed and beautiful. It really makes you appreciate the craft room you have and time to sort out the needs, maybe’s and wants in your stash. It sucks the company did not have things in timely fashion and if it was an installer of a crafter wife he would of known to be on top of it.. vs. waiting days for it to get fixed. Looks like in the end alls going to be ok.

  3. The thing i love about you is that despite life throwing cramp at you…..you always find the silver lining and your positive attitude stones through. Wishing you nothing but the best in 2017!

  4. I’m so sooooo SORRY May. I can feel your frustration. At least you made me feel better knowing it is not JUST ME who everything BAD is happening too. If I didn’t have BAD luck I would have no luck at all, that sums up my “life”. So I can so relate to you, and I am so sorry !!!!

  5. Setbacks are annoying, but you’ve found a way to make the most of this time. I completely understand, having just completed a minor kitchen and bath update. On the bright side, it makes for colorful blogging material.

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