Friday 12/16 Roundup!

A quick post today – sorry for my silence this week! Trying to catch back up (more on that in a moment). I have two guest posts up, if you’d like to check out some holiday crafting ideas today.

I’ve got a gift card (card) tutorial at Foiled Fox blog here.

I’ve got a trio of projects and a video here at Ellen Hutson here.

Using 28 Lilac Lane embellishments and having a ball! In fact, I just put in some more finishing touches on some new kits coming (CHA 2017)… stay tuned! So where has my December gone? Well the family and I took off for a wild good time in Florida earlier this month…

If you want to read about the zany antics and good food – you can check out my family vacation Instagram account here.  I created that account for two reasons – one to share but secondly to create a “documenting” system I’ve not tried before in past for reference when I begin scrapbooking the trip. You know me – always the crafter! I tried a few (some successful some not) ideas for memory keeping on the road and will report back soon.

But first, I’ve got holiday shopping to do! and baking! We’re keeping it simple and minimal hoopla here, but I didn’t do any of the Santa stuff or gifts for the girls prior to the trip instead giving them more freedom to spend during trip (which they didn’t – go figure!!) so I’ll be doing that first, then reporting in.

But before I go, something sweet! I got some amazing cookies in the mail (always a surprise!) and today Sandy Allnock has a how-to video up on her blog.

I do have some last minute holiday (and New Year’s fun!) posts coming for you next week – so stay tuned! I hope you’re having a very merry and not too stressful December…

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  1. Cute photos! Looks like a lot of fun went on there. Awesome! Looking forward to seeing more 28 Lilac Lane goodies, too, and interesting in reading about your on the road memory keeping. Michelle t

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