Joy home decor piece

Sometimes when I’m in a shop I see something cute and it’s on the plain side I grab it (especially if it is on sale!) so that I can take it home and put my own stamp on it. This “Joy” battery operated light/sign is definitely in that category!


disclaimer – I am a paid consultant for Brother. All ideas and opinions are my own – including that I love this machine and all it’s done for my crafting!

The process for a project like this is so simple. Measure/find the maximum size you want and work down from there. I picked flowers, but you could do something like this with stars, hearts, or other basic shapes too! I love the combo of glitter, buttons, and paper to make this project perfect for me and my home. Adding personal touches is one of my favorite things to craft this time of year because it both saves time and gives me a creative outlet.


Here is a link to my YouTube video tutorial, if you’d like to see how I put this together.


I just adore how this project turned out and I love that I’ll be able to have this on display but with my own personal touches as well. I hope you’re having a joyful December so far – what have you been crafting? Or have you been too busy for creative endeavors? The weeks are flying right by!

4 thoughts on “Joy home decor piece”

  1. Hey there, May! I just popped in from to see one of your projects that they shared and I’ve had the best time scrolling through your posts. I already follow you on Instagram but not sure why I never found my way here! I love your posts and projects and will definitely stop by to look around some more. You’ve really got me wanting a scan n cut too! Merry Christmas! Terri from Waving My Wand

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