stencil + distress crayon background

How do supplies work together? What combinations are great and what don’t work so well? How much water to use with what color?

All these questions and so much more get answered when I let go of trying to make project and just play! From color mediums to stamps to whatever else I’ve got – I do so enjoy a good creative play session.


My usual choice for such experiments is manila tags. Watercolor paper, standard cardstock, or if another material is used then I’m really testing how a material works with something else. No wrong choices here – just play!  On this particular day I decided to test distress crayons, paste, and a new stencil. Sometimes stencils and stamps look different than I expect. I know that might sound crazy – but sometimes when you actually go to color and use them, it’s not what you have in your mind. So these kind of exercises prove extremely helpful!

Want to see this in action? Here is a link to my YouTube video.


I really didn’t love how the pink blended with the other colors in this pack. I do love it and use it often – just apparently usually with other colors. This is one of many reasons I so like tests! Interested in the supplies I tested today? (affiliate links) supply links are listed below.

Crafty Chica Stencil available at Simon Says Stamp &

Tim Holtz Distress Crayons (and Ranger Texture Paste) available at Ellen, Simon Says Stamp, and

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