non-specific holiday table: quick! ScanNCut to the rescue!


Now this might be crazy talk, but I don’t usually do a centerpiece. You see the thing is people don’t see it! When we all go into the dining room the table will be set with dishes of food and such, the centerpiece immediately removed. If we had a wide table it might be different but ours is long and narrow! Anyhow, I find a decorative runner + a few touches at each seat do wonders.

Is there a point to my ramblings? Why yes! You see from napkin rings to ‘confetti’ for the table my ScanNCut has helped me so much over the years for both detailed well planned out and last minute parties. Today I have a video to share how it is helping me this weekend. I also have some past party videos that could prove helpful for you this holiday season!


So first off, our holidays are funky this year. Not one “normal” celebration due to schedules and such! In fact we’re having our main event today. Yes, really! Now this is nothing new to us, the firehouse doesn’t get holidays off of course. So we embrace and make the most of whatever each year brings. But… I’m not ready! Not to worry – my ScanNCut will help me.

Here’s my YouTube video for this year’s holiday table and hopefully some ideas that inspire you.

oh yes – and the usual disclaimer that I am a paid consultant for Brother, and that all ideas & opinions here are my own. It’s a machine I use, love, and can’t imagine crafting without anymore!


For a holiday or party table I strongly recommend making a bunch of shapes at once, then working with what you have. In my experience you’ll use up most if not all and it’s far quicker than having to stop and cut more regularly.

Here are some past party + ScanNCut posts:

Summer Banner

Luau Party Bags

Bridal Shower (PDF on Brother website)

DIY party ideas video (youtube)

I have no doubt I’ll continue to be inspired to add homemade touches to my seasonal and party d├ęcor, and that I’ll continue to utilize the ScanNCut as well. I hope I’ve inspired you today to add a few fun touches.


Coming in December I have some gift ideas, as well as a banner/pennant post and more to share with you. Stay tuned- and have a great holiday week ahead as well – regardless of when or how you celebrate.

3 thoughts on “non-specific holiday table: quick! ScanNCut to the rescue!”

  1. Very cool, love it. Thanks for sharing. Can’t believe you are going to celebrate now,but at least you are celebrating with family, for that you can be grateful.

  2. Enjoy your celebration. Thank you for your husband’s service via the fire dept, and have a wonderful holiday season. Michelle t

  3. Just love that May! Happy Thanksgiving – I hope your family time was lovely!
    We are just planning our Xmas on Dec 21 as hubby will be away on the real Xmas!!

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