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How is it mid-October? The weeks are flying by in this my busiest and favorite month. I’ve been working on some tremendously fun projects for Brother. I am a paid consultant with them, and do create both content and projects as well as test stuff out with the ScanNCut – a job and product I ADORE! Anyhow the newest “yay” is playing with the features that are in the software update.  Have a ScanNCut? You can update your machine easily and in moments- look for the button at the left side of page to guide you through on the SNC website.

Now when there is a new to me anything, the first thing I do is test it out. Play. Try ideas. See what works. I don’t jump right in expecting finished projects, but rather I relax and take off all pressure!

Today I’m sharing a video on “fill pattern” – one of the new features that works with the universal pen holder accessory to add even more fun to your crafting game. Here is a link to my YouTube video.

As you can see it took a bit of adjusting – but that is ok! I kept all the scanning and trial/error in the video to show you not only does it not go perfectly the first time every time, but also that it’s ok to test and experiment! I am working on a fall jar project next that will utilize this technique, as well as some Thanksgiving fun and I will be sure to share those with you (next month).


In the meantime whether you have a tool or perhaps a color medium you have but haven’t learned yet, I encourage you to bust it out and give it a try today! You may surprise yourself or find a new favorite.

2 thoughts on “ScanNCut: Fill Pattern”

  1. I love all the tricks you find and share, May! Can’t wait to see what else I can do when I update my software.

  2. that is so cool!! I know I keep saying it, but Brother really knew what they were doing when they hired you!

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