jack-o-candle with ScanNCut


When it comes to home d├ęcor, these days I love the battery operated candles. No flames, no worries, and all kinds of crafty fun! I’ll be sharing several ideas and alterations to them over the next few weeks to really show you how much fun you can have customizing these. To kick it off, here’s a really short one.


Here is my video on YouTube.

How easy was this? I just love how it turned out and you can see that vellum is the perfect choice for a little faux-votive type candle like this. I believe this kind is meant to go inside a pumpkin – but why wait for Halloween night? Get some cardstock and vellum out, and enjoy right away.


note: as always I disclaim that I am a paid consultant for Brother. That said, all ideas and opinions are my own including my love of this awesome machine!

2 thoughts on “jack-o-candle with ScanNCut”

  1. Great video, looking forward to trying this one. I had to put my Scan n cut on the shelf for a little bit because we just adopted a 3 month old bulldog and as YOU know very well puppies take up a lot of your time. So I am just trying to get Halloween cards done in between caring for her. By the way, Scrapbooking.com has not answered my email yet on your latest release, I’ll let you know an update when they do so others will know. Thanks.

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