Fairy simple stamping with ScanNCut


Have you ever had one of those “aha” moments and you just can’t stop wondering why in the world you’d never tried something out before? Well I was playing with masking stamps with my ScanNCut (post on how-to here)  and all of a sudden I thought… whoa. What if I got all the stamps to overlap (thanks to EASY masking) and then cut that whole image out using the ScanNCut. Would that work? Is it too crazy to dream?

Well friends, turns out the only crazy thing is that it took me this long to do it! I am intensely in love with this – and I have visions of Christmas scenes, spooky haunted houses, and sweet garden scenes like this one too! Oh how much fun this is.


Now before I share my video I remind you (as always) that I am a paid consultant for Brother, but that all ideas and opinions are my own. Just for your information – I disclose that in spirit of full honesty but if you know anything about me or how I roll you know it’s always HONEST here! I adore working with Brother, and oh man I love this machine. Ok, let’s get to the how-to. Here is a link to my YouTube video.

Here is my finished card – it’s so sweet! I love that this technique allowed me to color away, then mount the scene onto any background I might like. This is a bit wider of a margin (.08)- I really love that doing this is an option vs being stuck with one specific size, and I adore that I can make any scene I want and cut it out!


The only ‘rule’ you’ll want to follow is to ensure every single image is attached to another in some way so that in the eye of the machine scanner brain, it sees “one” outline and not many. Although I suppose you could layer multiple scenes to create even more depth? Oh the possibilities! I hope you’ve enjoyed this as much as I have sharing it. This sweet fairy card is on its way to a dear friend and I am off to dream up some Halloween inspired ways to put this technique to use…

2 thoughts on “Fairy simple stamping with ScanNCut”

  1. Beautiful! Awesome, lovely card. The scan and cut is beyond me, but the coloring is so amazing. Beautiful. Michelle t

  2. Such a great idea … and love, love, love the card you made!!
    I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, Brother really chose well when they picked you! You come up with so many amazing ways to use this cool machine!

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