ScanNCut: repurpose ‘ruined’ card front

DSC_6773 copy

See this card? It was never supposed to be this way. It was meant to be a fully white card front, no fancy cuts at all. Ah, but you see I seriously messed up my idea and it was headed to the recycle bin. Instead, I thought well let me run it through my ScanNCut and see what happens.

Here is a link to my YouTube video. One thing you’ll notice is that I had some trouble at first with my paper sticking. 100% user error! I like to try and include those kinds of errors in videos now and again, because I know we all do that stuff, and it’s one of those things that I like reminding myself of. Always use a standard tack mat when working with such serious paper!

When you work with watercolor paper you’ve got to remember that it is thicker and rougher than normal papers on a machine. I have an old blade that I save to use just when I’m working with this kind of paper because it really dulls a new blade fast! Anyhow, I just love that adding a few cuts to a card front that didn’t look good to my eye changed it into an oval that looked beautiful!

I debated leaving this as an oval and placing on a gift, but I’m short on cards and decided instead to mount it with foam adhesive onto blue cardstock.


This is a great reminder to me to be sure and rethink “mistake” pieces before giving up on them! Die cutting (or punching) shapes is so often a way to rework paper that wasn’t quite right. My favorite part is the little tiny hearts cut out – they really added the special touch I needed!

I’ve been creating up a storm for Brother (usual disclaimer: I am a paid consultant but all ideas & opinions are my own) – and I can’t wait to share some more layered and complex cuts with you.

3 thoughts on “ScanNCut: repurpose ‘ruined’ card front”

  1. I find I can somewhat use my mistakes too. Even if I just use a punch on a background mistake I make or something like that. You’d never be able to tell your card is, though. You rock. Michelle t

  2. I love not wasting work. No one would know you didn’t deliberately design it this way from the beginning!

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